Last night’s lesson

Confidence is never loud, but it does speak in different volumes.
It comes in different shapes , colors, and size,
and it wears different clothing.
It is never frightened to answer questions.

It never feels challenged and it never needs to debate,
or argue.

Confidence does not need to be convinced or sell itself.
It does not sway in victory or loss.
It is consistent
Confidence is the ability to listen
It is Continue reading

Working man’s Sunday

My job is not a clean one. Most days, I scrub my hands as hard as I can but the dirt stains my fingerprints. My work is mainly geared towards the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in a commercial office building. There is also pluming work for the bathrooms and tenant spaces, and then on occasion, I work with electricity.
According to local fire laws, buildings of certain Continue reading