The Blue Line

To be honest, I never saw cops as men or women. I saw them as men or women in a uniform. I saw them as a badge and a badge number. The cops stood on one side of the law and I stood on the other. It was me against them. I never considered they were once someone’s child. I never considered the fact that policemen (or police women) have families, or children of their own. I never saw cops as human. I saw them as enemies because in truth, I was an enemy.

In my small town hustles and while trying with the best of my ability to scheme or connive, I saw the police as obstacles. They stood between me and my goal. Whether my Continue reading

A Note From a Son

I woke when the sky had just begun to lighten, but the streetlamps were still on because it was too early for night to end its time on the clock. I looked outside my living room window, which faces south. I watched the red lights that flash on top of a distant water tower, which stands tall above the rooftops of houses in the neighboring town of Continue reading