From Junkie Stories: White Ship

White ship arrived in sudden waves that night
My body became like a channel
of fast moving water
flowing outward,
and emptying into a mouth of a much larger sea . . .
It was like riding on a perfect ferry during the sunrise:
Colors open the horizon
The body livens
And powdery grains switch into little submarines,
which surge throughout my bloodstream

The only problem with a trip like this
is the price I didn’t know I’d have to pay
. . . or the interest that came along with it~

I crossed an imaginary Continue reading

Book of Firsts: Recovery Specialist

It was an early morning and the sun was shining. After a few lefts and right turns as led by my G.P.S. I turned into the parking lot of the prosecutor’s office. This was to be my first true experience as a recovery specialist. I was unsure what to expect. I was frightened, nervous, and excited at the same time.
I was also early and arrived before any of my bosses. As promised, I gathered Continue reading

Understanding in Schools

Before going forward, it would helpful to remember your middle and high school days. Remember the lockers and the colors of the hallways.  Think about the locations of the bathrooms and where the library was in relation to the gym.  Remember the gathering places. Think about your experience and the divisions of popularity. Now, think about your circle of friends and where you sat in the cafeteria. Think about the people you sat with (or didn’t) and then think about the groups of people that always seemed to flock together. Think about the way the looked and how they dressed.
The following experience is Continue reading