Written for Awareness Month

They say this is awareness month . . .

Before I move forward, I should explain that I am in no way a professional. I have no diplomas on my wall. I am not trained in the psychiatric field or a counselor of any kind. However, I am someone with a past, which is why this subject is very important to me.
To raise awareness, I choose to expose my own story as it relates to suicide. And I repeat; I am not a professional. Instead,  am someone that sat on the other side of the clipboard in an examination room.

I often hear questions about suicide because many cannot understand why someone would take their own life. As an explanation, the following is a brief passage about my experience to explain what I felt and thought during tragic moments in my history. This is my way to enlighten those who may be confused as well as a way to comfort those who might think they are alone. Continue reading

From The Book of Firsts

We all remember our firsts.
I remember my family’s first car. It was a white and blue mustang fastback that rumbled when it started. The interior was blue, and though it was fast, the car often ran poorly. I believe the model was a 1970, but my memories are very few. These were the years before car seats and laws on where children should sit in vehicles.
I remember being placed in Continue reading

From The Junkie Stories: At The Starting Gate

After two hours, the effects from the mescaline failed to pull off its trick. The sun had already gone down. The summer was at its close and the lazy days were about to end. Soon enough, we would be in school. Soon enough, I would be faced with the classroom pressures and the emotional discomfort of an undiagnosed learning disability.

We gathered at the video arcade known as The Wiz in the shopping Continue reading

About My Writing

They say a writer should never write to please the reader. Once this happens, they say the writer is writing for the wrong reasons.
When I began this journey, I began with the desire to create and become something. I wanted to perfect my craft and do something more than scribble notes in a notebook. Years ago, I was taught about the definition of two words. The first word is humility and the second word is modesty.

Humility is Continue reading