Learning To Learn

   Today is day five of a five day, 30 hour course I am taking to gain a new certification. This will help propel me one step closer to my goal. The course has been broken down into five parts, all of which have been helpful and educational.
Most of all, I learned that I should always keep learning. I learned that I should always keep growing, that I should always seek and not be satisfied or complacent with old models of thinking, and more importantly, I should always remain teachable and learn how to learn.

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A Day For Dedication

Note to Self:

Going forward, I say there needs to be a dedication to move onward. I say this takes commitment and an awareness that understands the depth of our commitment is equal to the level of our success.
I say we need to understand our goals. In future, I say it is important to understand the value of our dreams and the importance of our best possible interest.
I say this because there will be no one else there to see this through (Except for us) and that rather than have a dream deferred, I plan to have our goals achieved.

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Just a Notion

I go back to that word again. I go back to the word “Friends” and think to myself, what is this?
What is a friend?

What is friendship?

What is the relationship between others and me?

Is this friendship?

Is everyone that says they’re a friend, really a friend, or is this just a contract, or is friendship nothing more than a social construct, or a notion based upon a semi-emotional agreement, or is it an idea, or better yet, is this just an invention between people?

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Why Coaching?

I am writing this in response to a question. I was asked about what I do. I was also asked what coaching is. I was asked if self-coaching is possible, which it is, but it is always helpful to have someone to interact with.

Why coaching?
Well, this is how I see it.

To define coaching is very simple. There are different coaches that are certified in different areas of wellness. First and foremost, the connection between a coach and client is important.

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Stop Screwing Around!

I watched a group of men argue about a job for an entire day. One of the men argued about the equipment and the other argued about the supplies. Another argued about the man power because obviously nobody knows what they’re doing these days and another man argued that everyone was too busy arguing, “So why don’t you all just shut up and get to work!”

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