Reaching Out

There are a few things I have wanted to do for a very long time now. This is not to say it can’t happen or it won’t happen. Perhaps these are just ideas I have and they are thoughts which are enough to make me smile with good intention.

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to walk through the hallways of my old elementary school. I want to see what the cafeteria looks like and if the walls are still painted the same way because as best as I can remember, I believe the walls were painted with characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Then I laugh a little to myself because in today’s day and age of political correctness, the word dwarf is offensive so perhaps the walls in the cafeteria are changed now. Or maybe Snow White isn’t cool anymore.
I wonder if the Band Cave, which was underground, downstairs near the front, main entrance if I am not mistaken. This downstairs was actually a Continue reading

Father’s Day

I’m not sure where the shirt is now but I know that somewhere is a white t-shirt with a painted outline of my daughter’s hands and the words Happy father’s Day written above and below the childlike artwork.
I’m not sure where it is though — it’s probably stuffed in a box somewhere with other little scraps of memories. I’m not sure who chose the size of the t-shirt. I always assumed it was one of the kids that worked at the daycare center because the shirt was not the right size, which is fine because Continue reading

Letters From a Son

I have never been so sure how time moves so quickly between now and then. Yesterday piles up, one after another and somehow, here we are, exactly two years away from the last time I saw you.
We were so different then from the spirits we are today. You became you and left to exist in a different way. And me, I took steps to become the “Me” I’ve always wanted to be.
It’s strange though. It’s strange how we see ourselves while alive and in the flesh. And it’s hard sometimes too.

It’s hard because I suffer from this thing they call Continue reading