A letter

Dear son,
Although we never really spoke or met the way people usually meet or speak, and though you are not real or better yet, although you are me, or more accurately, you are the young me, you are the unresolved me and the emotions which revolve within me, I am writing this to relieve you of some things, which you gripped too tightly and held for too long.

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Note To This Thing Of Mine

The way to achieve is to work towards your goal. And this won’t always be easy. You have to step in all the way. Day in and day out, you train each day to be better.This is how you learn to overcome obstacles. Nothing of true value comes easy. Not at all, in fact, real dreams take effort; they take time and dedication as well as pain and sweat.

I was sitting in a break room the first time I learned that one of my stories was about to be published. I was several hours deep into my midweek grind, tired and dirty, and making my way through my blue collar life. I made a choice to dedicate a special moment each day and every day to this thing I call my art. And every day, I would sit and write about one thing or another. I would never write about the same thing twice because as an exercise, I made sure to switch my topics, which was challenging at times because the mind is naturally swayed by compliments. Therefore, I had to remove myself from the comment section and the messages I received on my blog.

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Life Volume 1: The Soul’s Right

I understand there are rules in place. I understand there are reasons for this. There are laws in our society and laws of nature. There are laws set upon us by government and other personal laws, which we follow because we are taught them. I know that laws are put into pace to prevent chaos and mayhem. 
Every so often, I think it is necessary to have the letter of the law rest for a moment. This is not to live lawless or to be defiant of the rules in place, but more, every so often the spirit should be allowed a moment of reprieve. Every so often, the soul needs a chance to scream and shout and run and play, like children do . . . remember?

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In my briefest way, I tell you this

The best sounds are quiet sounds. Like the sound of a baby’s breathing while sleeping on her father’s shoulder as he hold his child. Or maybe the best is the sound of your loved one sleeping next to you, which is virtually soundless, but yet in your heart, you can literally hear everything in the world.

The best sounds are the sounds of your loved one’s laugh because I swear this beats any antidepressant. This beats any drug because when she laughs, suddenly; all the world suspends for a minute and nothing else exists. Others may look and stare,but who cares because when she laughs (I swear) there is nothing else in the world quite like it

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Sunup is about lift on my side of the mountain. I can see the band of light blue at the horizon. I am quiet now and listening to the sounds of my home, the heat, which clanks in the radiators, the wind, which I can hear when it gusts, and me,armed with my cup of coffee; I am content for the moment to breathe in and enjoy the stillness of morning.

I was asked by a reader if I believe in God, which I do, and we speak often and frequently about the moment and the tasks at hand. I was asked if I have faith, which I do, and at times, I realize that faith is not just a belief and that faith alone is not enough. Faith is also an action.

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My Rebuttal:

Please excuse the rant but writing helps me feel better. This is for two men who are special and dear to me. They are friends but more they are both soldiers of their own battles:

I would like to address the overdoses

Two different men from two different towns told me about two separate events but both with the same outcome. And to both I said this we need to use this to sharpen our pencils because the rest of our life hasn’t been written yet.
And yes, this is sad. Yes, this hurts to see. And yes, there is an entire world out there that has no idea what’s going on.
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