Thoughts on the roof above Lexington Avenue


(Stream of consciousness thought)

The sun came up over New York City and I was lost somewhere between the hours of missed sleep and a mild swarm of confusion. I am at an impasse and I am not sure which move comes next.

Taking my coffee time to the roof above Lexington Avenue, I felt the autumn breeze flow against me.
I faced the downtown buildings with a view of the East River to my left and the Brooklyn bound bridges in the distance.
I believe the sunrise was meant for moments like this. I watch the sunrise and see it as an opportunity to gain a moment of clarity. I think this is the best time to shed the wasted thoughts and prepare for a new day. And this morning; I chose to do just that.
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today, the first day

As a boy, I would go to Temple with my family on this day.
Today marks the day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. On this day, my father closed his shop and he would put on his suit. He wore an unmistakable brand of cologne with an aroma that can never be forgotten. My mother would wear a dress, and she smelled from her perfume of choice.
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5 short verses


A man’s love for woman
is the same as his need for food and survival.

And truly, it is incredible what man will do to survive.

It is amazing how limitless he can be when hungry

. . . . .  and she becomes his only meal.


My yesterday left as soon as I walked away.
Everything was gone,
except for the strands of hair you left on my pillow
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The Great American Pastime

Before I continue, I think it would help if you could imagine the sounds at a little league baseball game. Imagine a baseball field with aluminum bleachers behind either of the fenced-in dugouts.
The bleachers are not overwhelmingly tall, or overly crowded, but this is where the parents sit and cheer for their kids.
Picture, if you can, other parents and family scattered at the fences of either sideline. They sit in lawn chairs from their home with perhaps, a sweater or sweatshirt draped over the back of the chair, and all of them gather or group in their usual cliques.

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The Angry Pillow

Many years ago, I sat in my Aunt Sondra’s house and she introduced me to a big pillow.
She called this pillow, “The Angry pillow,” and said, “You can do whatever you want to that pillow. You can pick it up and slam it down. You can kick it, punch it, choke it and shake it. You can yell at it too. And yelling is good! You can do anything you want to The Angry Pillow because that’s what it’s there for.”

But I was hesitant.
The pillow was multicolored and stood nearly Continue reading

stream of consciousness poetry


It is too late for me to change anything with words.
So if I am to change, then I can only change by action.
Otherwise, I will remain still,
and everything around me will stay the same
or unchallenged.

By definition, freedom is the exemption from outside control.
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wish list

Rain falls and the small town of East Meadow is quiet. The view from my living room window is peaceful and the gray sky has given me the prefect reason to be lazy.
My friend The Old Tree stands across the street from my home and I celebrate another year of its endurance. Looking though my front window, I can see a distant water tower poking the belly of the sky above the rooftops.
This has been my view for close to eight years; a view which I thought I would lose on a few occasions. But much like my friend The Old Tree from across the street; I have roots here. I belong exactly where I am. I am a part of this town’s history, and with hope, I plan to be a part of its future.
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