Letters From a Son: On This Day

The hours of the day have a way of changing quickly. The summer just began and yet, here we are at the close of September. The sunrise is later now and the sunset comes earlier too. Pretty soon the canopies will change and the tree-covered mountains around my home will take on the colors of autumn.  It will be October soon, which means pumpkins and things like that. It’s pretty around here. It’s peaceful too.

I have always viewed Continue reading


Relaxation Script

First, find a place to sit still and shut everything off. Find a comfortable position where you not be interrupted or feel the need to move. Shut off the world. Shut off the technology in your mind and turn off the switches that connect to stress and tension.
Lean back and breathe. Allow your head to rest. Allow your body to fit comfortably into position. Do not cross your legs or your arms. Find a Continue reading

Life Volume 1: The Early Years

I go back to a time when I was young and in front of a friend’s house. Maybe we were 10 or 11 years-old. Maybe it was the kids I chose to hang around with at the time or maybe it was me just being me.
This is one of my first memories where my life began to switch. We were in a small group and not doing much else but being kids and talking about whatever it is 10 or 11 year-old kids talk about. I cannot say I remember the conversation at all because I don’t. I only remember Continue reading

Never Let It Be Unsaid

I think of all things I miss, the one thing I miss is the thing I never really had. Now, of course, I remember what it was like to be young and I remember what it was like to have a father. Of course, we had tie together but my memory of The Old Man is vague and hazy.
I remember him teaching me how to throw a football. I remember him teaching me how to snap my wrist to get a better spiral. I never played much football though. I was never big, strong, or fast enough to play on the field. I did play in the peewee leagues though.
I played a little Continue reading

From A Lost Kid’s Perspective

It was long ago but then again, long ago is where all of our old memories come from. We were much younger, of course. And this was me. I was young, crazy, and wild, which, with all three ingredients being equal, the combination was dangerous. I was one of the loud ones from the town. I was one of the mischievous and the troubled, anxious to live as fast as I could, and ambitious to dare it all and defy the odds. And his was fun to me. It was fun to defy the Continue reading

Life Volume 1: Love and The Curious Kid

Just around the time when life moves from youngster to adulthood, I found myself lost but wondering if there was a reason I felt this way. I was wandering in a sense and searching, like always, and trying to find this thing we call love.
Of course, I knew what love was. At least, I knew a little about love. I knew that I had love for people in my life. I knew I felt love before but this was different. I knew love was a feeling. And I knew that I pretended to love. But love I was searching for was different.

In previous Continue reading

Life Volume 1: First Entry

I am a searcher. For as long as I can remember, I have been searching for the meaning of life, which is why I will call this new section of journals, Life – Volume 1.
I am a young man. Yet, at the same time, I am not so young. In some ways I am grown and in others I am still an infant. But yet, I am still a searcher. I am still learning and still seeking to find the different meanings of life —and I say meanings to pluralize the word meaning because to me, I believe the meaning of life is infinite.
Life as defined by the dictionary is the period of our animate existence.
But no, life is more than that.
According to the dictionary, life is defined as the condition which distinguishes organisms from inorganic organisms. But no, life is much more than this. I have also read definitions Continue reading

About a flight

I was sitting in seat at a North Carolina airport and awaiting a new flight because my original flight was delayed for several hours. I was on my way home after a crisis intervention trip that had been difficult from the beginning. At best, I was tired. I was spiritually, physically and emotionally drained. Allowing myself to exhale, I took in another deep breath to rinse myself of all that happened in the last two days.

In an effort to Continue reading

Written For The Stuck Ones

You want to run away, but you can’t. And you can’t because you’re stuck in your own skin. You’re trapped in your own head and no matter which way you turn, no matter where you run, and no matter how you try to get away, you just can’t seem to escape yourself.
This is your search for the exit door—
When you feel trapped, you look for a source of light in any form possible because when you feel trapped, it’s like being scared of the dark —and even if you knew where the light switch is, it doesn’t matter because you feel too small to reach it.So you reach for whatever seems closest even if it pulls you farther away

Continue reading

This Is About The Other Side Of Things

There seems to be a lot of public outcry for different awareness programs, but before going forward, I want to be very clear that the details that I am about to express are very real to me. However, I also want it to express that the ideas and emotions I will be sharing are not the same thoughts and emotions I have now.
Please understand that while going forward, I am writing this to help shed a different light of awareness and to help others understand depression and the struggles with suicide. Keep in mind; this is Continue reading

Written Out Of Frustration

The sameness between most is the attitude you see in any punk kid off the street. They all think they have it. They all think they’ve found the edge, which makes them an outlaw of some kind or a gangster in their own mind. And you can tell when the attitude is real or just an act from a rookie. You can tell by look in their eyes and the things they say.
It goes back to an old saying about tough guys which says, “Those that do, don’t and those that don’t, do.” What this means is a tough guy never has to warn anybody.
A gangster doesn’t have to brag or draw attention to himself; instead, the real outlaw sits in silence enjoys the wealth of his anonymity. The real ones are the ones you would never know were Continue reading

About My First Climb

We set forth on a walk outside and up the mountain during the early hours of the day. It was me and my closest friend. It was at the hour of daybreak in the midst of a heatwave. The journey had hardly begun and already the air was thick and the sweat was building up. There was little to say at the time. There was only the incline ahead of us which picked up quickly.
The trail led us in Continue reading

About Mom

Written for L.K. and Family

The dictionary defines the word, “Mom,” as the informal version of the word, “Mother.” But I think there is more to it than that. A mother by definition is the female parent. Mother is a term of address for the woman regarded in status and the functional role of the female parent.
But a Mom; to us, a Mom is everything. Mom is the Continue reading

From In The Classroom: A New Plan for Parents

There needs to be a change. We need to find a new angle, but more importantly, we need to work together in order to find it. Above all, we need to become a community again and understand what it means to have a sense of civic responsibility. We cannot look to blame or find fault anymore.
I would like to see a change in the dynamic when it comes to the way we treat mental illness. More accurately, and more importantly, I would like to see a change in the way we Continue reading

Below The Bar

It was the last winter of my former self. I was in the basement of a corner bar in a little strip mall next to the 7-11 store at the corner of Front Street and Merrick. It was late and somewhere after 1:00am during a cold, mid-winter rainstorm. I was not too far from my home where my mother and father slept. My brother, the hall of fame athlete, the rock star, the hero, and a name that was amongst the most popular of my town was elsewhere in the world. He Continue reading

The Weight

There are several things that can weigh us down. This is true. There is more than just the weight of the body and sometimes, the weight of the mind can be the heaviest weight to bear.
There was a place somewhere up along Route 17 and far away from the city life, far from the places I knew, and far from the people I knew and the things I did which kept me sick. I call this place The Farm. It was here on a farm in the upstate New York Mountains that I underwent a change for the better. This is where I was stripped of my image. I was removed from my Continue reading

A Different Kind of Math

What makes us tick?
There is a very real reason why we act, think, and respond the way we do. This is not a case of right or wrong, good or bad, but moreover, this is simply a matter of fact that regards why we act think and respond the way we do.

Last night, I was put in a situation where I thought, maybe it’s me . . .
Maybe it’s the way I see things or maybe, just maybe, the way I see things is a result of my past history and my brain is wired to respond in a certain way. Maybe it’s like I said to you: the mind is nothing more than a computer, which simulates and calculates the mathematics of past history and it combines this with assumptions and the main stressors, which we hold on to like a mathematic theorem, which in all honesty is only a theory, but i Continue reading

About Being Kind

The truth is we might not always know the effect we have on others. But still, we intertwine as human beings and we move along and we grow, we wake up and we go on about our day, and sometimes without notice, we come across an opportunity to do something so incredibly simple —like say, to shake someone’s hand or simply talk with them or listen, and then almost unbeknownst to anyone, a simple act of common courtesy was enough to help someone stand up when otherwise, they wouldn’t have the strength to stand on their own.

I spent Continue reading

About Me Leaving The Farm

It was not until my last days on the farm that I was able to process the change that was about to take place.  Close to my departure, the feeling was very surreal to me. The place that had been my home for the last 11 months would no longer the place where I lived. The people I depended on, the routine I became accustomed to, the scenery, the groups and the counseling sessions, the rules I had to follow and the place where I slept, showered, ate, and worked was about to change.
This is when the reality set in. At last, I could Continue reading

From The Book of Firsts: Loves Me and Loves me Nots

People say you never forget your first love. Maybe this is true.
I’m not sure if anyone ever forgets their first of anything when it comes to anything important. I can say that I remember my first kiss at sleep-away camp.
I can say I remember the first girl that I called “My girlfriend,” which lasted for about three to maybe four days. I remember the first girl I ever had the chance to play Continue reading

From The Daddy Diaries: My Little Girl

There was a time when she fit right in my arms. There was a time when everything needed to be done for here. She was a baby then. There was a time when she was just learning how to walk or how to say things.  There was a time when all she wanted was a little attention, which of course, we as parents often take for granted because meanwhile, life is happening and there is so much going on. But meanwhile there they are. Our children are waiting on us and waiting to be played with.

I am Continue reading

About The Theft

“Stealing us was the smartest thing they ever did. Too bad they don’t teach the truth to their kids.” Saul Williams~

Williams said that in one of his poems. In this case, Williams was referring to racism. But as I see it, we’ve all been stolen. I know I was stolen more than a thousand times and racism had nothing to do with it. We’ve all been stolen in different ways and for different reasons. Sometimes the theft was a bit more unexpected and sometimes, we it was about to happen.
I once told you in many cases, there are no Continue reading

The Underdog

I watched a tape of an old fight where the underdog came in with the odds against him, no shot at a victory, no chance to walk out with his hand raised, and in all likelihood, the underdog would not only lose, but he was predicted to lose in the worst possible way. I suppose no one told the underdog this. Or, maybe they did tell him and the underdog decided not to listen and he showed anyway because shortly after the bell for the first round, the favored champ took one on the chin and then the champ went down
The problem after this Continue reading

love and hate

I once wrote to you explaining the depth of my love is equal to the span of my hate. And I still believe this is true. I believe that love and hate are the same energy, but they split in two different directions.
There was a winter night during the Christmas season. I was young, numb to the world and neither angry or afraid. As I saw it, I felt the way I preferred to feel; impenetrable, callous, neither enthused nor uuenthused, and whatever happened—I suppose this is what clinicians would Continue reading

From The Daddy Diaries

I was small and very young. It was cold outside and the sun had yet to show. The Old Man was already awake and he came into my room to wake me up. I dressed warmly with long johns beneath my clothes, doubled up on my pairs of socks to keep my little toes from freezing, and I stuffed myself in layers of sweatshirts before The Old Man stuffed me in my puffy blue down jacket with mittens to match.
The Old Man warmed up Continue reading

The Pedestal Problem

Beware the pedestal problem . . .
The problem with putting anyone up on a pedestal is one day, we learn they’re human. And to be human means we come with flaws and imperfections. No one is above this. But in the most vulnerable moments and at the weakest of times; there are people who will appear to have all the answers. They are the ones that seem to work an impeccable program and live the perfect life. We see them as miracles.
And it’s normal to look up to someone; it’s good to feel Continue reading

A Letter to Mom

There was a phone call from the day before about a woman on the verge of losing her husband. She is a kind woman that lived a full life, a mother, a wife, and she is also a friend. I learned about this while on a shift at work. Although the hours were long and shift was busy, as asked, I sat down to write a few words to my friend to help her in this transition.
I wrote about life and the understanding of death. I wrote about the comforts of the soul and how since energy can neither be created nor destroyed —life is energy; therefore life can never Continue reading

Note To Parents and Loved Ones: Awareness

I was waiting at an airport in Raleigh North Carolina on a flight that had been delayed for several hours. I was anxious to come home and anxious to see my family. I had so much to write about and much to do but the airport gods intercepted my plans while experiencing a series of mechanical problems. Needless to say, all I could do is wait. Meanwhile at the gate, some of the other passengers complained. Some sat quietly or talked amongst themselves. Others like me took to their own ways of occupying the wait time.
The occupied seats around mine were somewhat filled with travelers, but the flight was not overly crowded by any means. However, whether quietly or outwardly upset, everyone was Continue reading

Note To Parents:

A long time ago, I walked through the double-door entryway of an old white, center-hall colonial home that was perhaps built long before my oldest known relative was born or before they even arrived at Ellis Island. With the dining room to the left and a slightly rounded, sweeping stairway to the left, a hallways led straight towards the back where the adolescents waited for their group to end. And me, well, all I kept wondering is what would have Continue reading

The Cutting Problem

My first encounter came on without reason or without warning. I was in my room, alone (as usual) with an entire world right outside my bedroom door. My mother was somewhere in the house doing mother things. The Old Man, my Father, was working like most working fathers do. I was a small boy and always smaller than everyone else. I was skinny too—I was painfully thin, to be exact. I was Continue reading

Letters from a Son

Yesterday was a special day . . .

I’m not sure what yesterday would have been like if you were still around. I wonder what time you would have come by and how the tables and barbecue would have been set up and ready. I suppose you would probably be wearing the retired man’s outfit or something comfortable and golf-like, white shoes, a pair of casual shorts, and a Florida-like design on a collared polo shirt with maybe a gold watch around your wrist and a white baseball hat on your head.

I like to think about where Continue reading

Memorial Day Thought

Way back when before my white collar turned blue, I used to sit at a small cubicle with a telephone in the right hand corner and an out and in box to my left. I had a shelf with a stack of mainly unorganized papers, drawers filled with sample cards, customer orders, pending samples, sample orders, and a call sheet for new clients so that I could open new accounts. I was 26 years-old in a suit and tie job. I was a salesman during a tough time just before the garment industry took huge turn in a different direction.

My sales were Continue reading

From an In The Classroom Entry: About Fear

I am not sure if I knew what fear was. I just knew I was afraid. I wasn’t sure why. I didn’t know the difference between feeling and emotion or even if there was one. I never thought about the emoting itself, which is innate or within us and natural; however, a feeling is different because feeling is the mind’s experience which we tie to an emotion. Therefore, the emotion is fear —however, the feeling of being afraid is due to the events of my life, which I tie to that emotion, Continue reading

About My Own Little Sanctuary

There was a small room in the corner of our little home at 2683 in East Meadow. The room was equipped a with fish tank, a love seat, a small desk with a computer screen and keyboard on top. I had a small lava lamp on my desk (because why not?) and book shelf along the wall with shelves filled with books from the great poets, writers, and pictures of my life, my wife, and my family.  I had a few of my accomplishments framed and placed on the wall. There was a document regarding The Old Man and his service to our country, which was signed in ink by the President of The United States of America, framed and hanging proudly on the wall. I called this place the writing room.

Each Continue reading

About Treatment Time

In the last moments of my time at a place in Kerhonkson, New York, my bags were packed and the paperwork concerning my treatment over the last 28 days was in hand. imagesB9YILB6NMy room was empty but yet filled with the energy of memory and the recollection of late night conversations with the revolving roommates that completed their stay in treatment.
My bed was made, my drawers were cleaned, and in moments, I was about to complete my discharge and return home. At this time, the other clients or residents were Continue reading

From Junkie Diaries: The Basement

I was hidden in the dark basement of a corner bar in a small strip of stores that ran next to the 7-11 by the corner of Front Street and Merrick. My town was as normal as any other small suburban place. There was a tall water tower in the heart of the town with a flashing red light at its top to warn off low-flying airplanes. We had one high school, one junior high, and two elementary schools.
Like most towns, ours had different sections that signified where we were from. And there was no hatred towards either side —it was more of a geographical statement, which connected a level of understanding of where we lived, what stores we went to, and where we hung out.

Ours was neither an exceptionally rich or poor town. We were the middle income. We were the Continue reading

From Letters From a Son

Sorry, I know it has been a while since the last time I wrote to you. So much has gone on and I’m not sure where to start. I swear, sometimes the world becomes this  busy place. Days pass and then weeks go by. Next thing I know, months peeled off the calendar and I miss the marks on my “To do,” list. It’s strange how life has a way of picking up and getting away from us.

I remember years ago when the springtime came around, I had to clean my room and get rid of literally everything that Continue reading

An Honest Account Of My Weight loss

Throughout the years and throughout the various changes we go through, I have learned the best people to be surrounded by are real people with real understanding. Furthermore and above all, I have learned the worst people to be around are those who look to judge, direct, or diagnose.
I was a grown man and well on my way through life with experience under my belt. I worked hard and I worked a lot. I maintained my home Continue reading

Notes From a Divorced Dad

The truth of the matter is there are always two sides to the story. And I get that. The problem comes, however, when either side refuses to admit to the wrongs on their side of the fence. And when it comes to divorce; things can be ugly. And when it comes to divorce with children —things get even uglier.  And there is a third side on this one. There his side, her side, but many seem to forget the children’s side of this.

Divorce is a strange but Continue reading

What’s Your R.A.S.O.?

Before going forward with this explanation, I want to explain that the following is about me and the details of my thoughts and feelings and how they have interacted with my behavior throughout my life.
More than anything, I have always wanted to feel comfortable. I always wanted to feel the idea that if I fit or belonged and I have feel that idea that I was welcome. More than anything, I have always wanted to walk into a room and not feel as if I had to “Fake” something or “Force” something and Continue reading

From Bedtime Stories for the Insomniac

They say man can be his own worst enemy. I suppose anyone can be their own worst enemy when given to the wrong persuasion. No matter how wealthy or poor; no matter how fortunate one could be in the gene pool of life and regardless to whether someone is born into the wealthiest of homes or in the poorest of families; people can be their own worst downfall.
And it isn’t easy to weave through life. Not at all. In fact, life is the toughest test of all. Think about it. Think back Continue reading

From In The Classroom: About Time

The following is a true lesson I learned and I sometimes forget it, which is why I needed to write this and rethink about my position as it stands now . . .
I once had a longhaired teacher with odd ideas about the world and deep views about music. He spoke often about guitarists, like Clapton, and talked about the meaning behind lyrics to songs like, “Almost Cut My Hair,” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash.
He was a teacher in name, yes, but he was also somewhat of a personal mentor that moved away from the norms of public school systems —and instead, he chose to teach the unteachable students like me that struggles with various social and chemical disorders.
After a short Continue reading

Injections (Revisited)

There I was, (figuratively speaking of course) and lost in an empty field with tall grass, bending, and swaying in the wind.
I was someplace else. I was in a long incredible dream, which I could somehow feel in my body. I felt myself drifting like a warm breeze, halfway in a nod, and slipping gently into this great new spiral I found near 134th street.

I was unaware and unconcerned with where I was or what I looked like. I wasn’t thinking about the Continue reading