Addiction Is Not New

There is a key moment in young life when the path splits and some of our friends go one way and some friends go another. This is when the crowds became the crowds and I became me. This was the age when we became aware of status and we were divided up into different divisions of “Cool,” and the social echelons became what it was
But me, I was the kid sitting on the left side of the school’s cafeteria. Trying to fit in, —I was longhaired, crazy, and wild for sure. I was wild to be someplace else and wild to escape the Continue reading

My Week in the Sweep

A long, long time ago, someone once told me, “You have to give it away to keep it . . .”

Early on a Monday morning, I began this project with a stream of different thoughts which acted like voices in my head. And they spoke to me about different doubts and concerns as I walked through the double glass doors at the rear entrance to a one-story brick building. I walked through the first set of doors and passed a man sitting beside a metal detector. He smiled kindly and welcomed me through without search or the need to pass through the detector. Next, I passed through a double wooden door, which is locked shut for security purposes. Heading to the right side of the corridor, I walked Continue reading

True story

I only have one question . . .
It really all comes down this and as simple or complex as we make it out to be—bottom line is it still comes down to this one simple thing.
When is it your turn to be who you want to be? And I understand life happens all around us, every day, and life gets in the way of our plans. I also understand the difference between having a dream and Continue reading

9,496 DAYS AGO

It was years ago. It was more than two decades ago to be exact. I was young teenage boy on the verge of manhood when this part of my story began. I was thin and my hair was wild and long. My eyes were half-shut in a lazy, relaxed-minded expression—tired like, and beaten with dark circles beneath them. I was pale skinned to an almost green shade. In truth, I feel as though this part of my story happened in a different lifetime.
Long ago, it must have been a different person because in truth, the details of my younger life feel like the details of a book or a movie that I watched years ago, —except I never forgot the plot to this movie and unlike most stories, mine comes with both internal and external scars.

I still have Continue reading