Incidents and Accidents

I think the definition of the word “Accident” is the occurrence of an unexpected event; like say for example, a slip and fall down the stairs —or say maybe the unfortunate collision in a car. These are accidents. These are things, which happened without plan or intent.

I’m sure we all agree that accidents happen all the time.

I accidentally charged the Continue reading

Sessions From The Balcony: Love Prose

It was early morning. I heard a song from my young adulthood long ago, which caused me to relate back to a time before I knew about love (or if there was such a thing). I thought of the time before I knew what it meant to have love for someone else. And by this, I mean to feel a love love that extends further than me or my family. One that is not seemingly mandatory or conformed to a Continue reading

The Choice Dilemma

It strange now, to be on this side of the doors, I mean. It’s strange to hear the echoes of people speaking in corridors of a treatment center, which at one point; I was one of those voices a long time ago. It’s strange to be involved with the legal system on this side of the table and to be almost like a man in-between, almost like a translator if this makes any sense.
Not even one year into this new Continue reading