sign of the times

There is too much flash in this new century. There is too much advancement in technology; too many apps, too many cellphones, and too many empty playgrounds.
There are too many ways to communicate, yet our communication with each other seems to be dwindling and left in the less personal hands of text messaging.

A young girl with a piercing in her lip looked Continue reading

replacing thoughts

Replace the thought with an action…..

In an interview, an inmate from Alcatraz spoke about his time in solitary confinement. He described the dark room as damp with a horrible smell.
He called it, “The hole.”
Perhaps the room was named after the hole in the floor, which is what the inmate was told to use as a toilet.

After being thrown in the cell, the inmate fell to his knees. Then he Continue reading

Written yesterday on the job

I sat in the back of a Greyhound Bus with hours of travel ahead of me and nothing else but time to consider my young life. I was trying to reconnect the good times and separate them from the bad.
In the fifth month of my early sobriety, I was heading home to say farewell to The Old Man.  By this time, the fog in my head was beginning to lift. I was less angry and more aware. I was learning about Continue reading

Addiction stories

If you have never been there, then perhaps it would be hard to understand what it feels like to be kept in a place with people from different parts of the state, or different parts of the country.
And I say kept because it is seldom that people enter a drug rehabilitation facility on their own free will.
There is usually a reason. Be it jail, the job, the wife, or family; most of the Continue reading

Stream of consciousness prose: Dreams

I had another one of those dreams again. Everything seemed so real and so vivid….
After a violent act, I felt as though someone pulled the plug and I was funneling down a horrible drain.
There was no turning back or ways to apologize for what I did.
It was too late for that.
The damage was done and the blood on my hands became very real. Suddenly, the games I played were Continue reading