Still going . . .

I never sat on a balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
But I’ve dreamed about it.
I’ve dreamt of palm trees blowing in the wind, the sound of California’s streets moving below me, and the West Coast sun falling into a sea I have only seen in my thoughts.

The world is filled with critics and criticism.
There will always be someone looking to Continue reading

Where I Belong: Something from the Tattooed Minister

“I came home late last night and the stars were the brightest I’ve seen in a long time.
Usually, the city glare brightens the sky too much to notice them.
But it was late, and most of that brightness had gone to sleep.

I stood in front of my house and looked up;
I tried to find the biggest star and see if I could recognize any of the constellations.
I looked for Orion’s Belt and The Big Dipper.
I noticed strips of clouds hidden in the deep-night sky
and watched a plane fly overhead with its blinking lights.

I grew up here. In this town I mean.
I moved away for a while, but I came back.
The way life moves in circles and reconnects us is pretty amazing, if you think about it.

Someday, this will all make for an amazing story . . .”

October has changed the face of my neighborhood. Aside from the branches of emptying trees, or the color-changing leaves that Continue reading

quick poem


I understand the cold war comes after heartbreak
however, the resurrection of love
shines brightest beneath the moonlight.

Night falls and if you say yes,
I could feel you,
or we could coincide like those who survive winter
and hold each other to create our own substance.
Or warmth)

Relationships are an ongoing trade.
Wouldn’t you agree? Continue reading

the hammer and chisel

The Hammer and Chisel . . .

Every plumber has a hammer and chisel in their tool box. They may not always need them, but every plumber, steam fitter, or even carpenters and other trade workers have these simple tools in their collection.
The mechanics of these tools are simple; place the chisel on the spot, hold it tight, aim for its head, and then swing the hammer as hard as you can. But try not to miss. There is no difficult science to this; however, there is definitely a talent to using a hammer and chiself

Back when I worked for Continue reading

drunk story

The idea of tomorrow seems too far away for the young mind to consider. I was young once too. I swore the fire from the bridges I burned behind me would light my way. But the light from the flames dwindled as I moved on, and when I turned back to see where I was—the light was gone, and it was too dark for me to retrace my footsteps and find my way back.

Closing winter, the sun returned with more warmth and the ground thawed. I was on the corner of Prospect and East Meadow Avenue. It was late afternoon and the sun was Continue reading

Just to write: The Definition of Insanity

A common definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, but expect different results.
I am a combination of this process—but I am also a positive result.

On a hot morning, I began my walk from Seville Street and thought of where I could eat breakfast.
I crossed North Atlantic Boulevard and headed south on the sidewalk towards the strip along the beach in Ft. Lauderdale.
Along the way, I saw Tom walking Continue reading

I Will Not Be Ignorant.

Ignorance is like a rash . . .
It spreads. It is often contagious. And it can be hereditary.

I grew up in a middle-income world. We had quiet suburban streets with average, single family homes, modest backyards, one or two car driveways, and the occasional flagpoles on front lawns with the American Flag waving in an otherwise safe environment.

Mail carriers drove their small postal trucks through Continue reading

Quitting is not an option

Note to self:

There will be times when you want to quit
and the words you write
or the art you create
will feel like it fails you.

There will be days when everything seems worthless
and pouring your heart onto a page
feels like complete a waste of time

I admit there are days when I want to pack it in . . .
But I can’t

There were times I think about going through my files
and deleting them all . . .
But I don’t
Continue reading