From Bedtime Stories: A Night With “The Rug”

It was a short hour before sunrise and I was driving home with the City disappearing in my rearview mirror. The night was behind me and so was the girl whose name I never knew and face I had never planned to see again. It was a long night, which was best defined by the time of year, winter, and Christmas time in New York. The City was all dressed in lights and decoration. The Hustle is different this time of year. The mood is different as well and snow swept streets, cold days and cold nights, somehow warm up easily in places like say, a coffee shop in Chelsea by 28th Street.

I was all over the place Continue reading

An Old Incident Report

The day nearly passed and little did I know this would be my last time in any sort of public school system. I sat there wide-eyed and bloodshot with my pupils enlarged like black holes. I was red-faced and high with a detached smile. I recall listening to the bizarre sounds of a self-induced schizophrenia. It had been a few hours since I placed a few tabs in my mouth. This was Blotter, otherwise known as Continue reading

A Rant: Bullies, Boys, Girls, and Crowds

I know where it all started but I never understood why or how things change so quick and drastically. We all started out as kids in a play pen. We were all friends once. There was no judgement. There was no separation or divisions of cool. We were just kids, nothing more, nothing less, and then one day we learned about status. We learned about popularity and somehow Continue reading