Saturday Evening’s Post

And so the day ends….
The sun falls and the last of its light stretches in an orange and purple band along the horizon.
The weatherman says it is 34 degrees outside with a real-feel temperature of 27.
But I don’t mind

I love the sunsets on days like this. There was no work today, but my internal Continue reading


Why It’s best to Let Them Hit Bottom

Sometimes….the best advice goes unspoken.
Sometimes, the most charitable thing to do is remain quiet.
Otherwise, good advice is wasted on deaf ears

After all, they warned me….
I was told, but I never listened Continue reading

Thanksgiving 11/28/13

Today, I am reminded of the years at 60 Meadow Street in the basement of my Aunt Sondra’s house.

On mornings like this one, Aunt Sondra would open the basement door and call down to my cousin Craig and myself.
And while wrapped in the daybreak hours of a quiet sleep, Aunt Sondra would call down, “Good Morning,” in a calm but emphasized tone.
Her words carried down the stairs and through the corridor like a boom to the still resting.
This meant it was time for Continue reading