Quick Love

“I want to wrap myself in your skin
and bathe in a slow wet kiss.”

That was the line I was trying to think of before you went to bed last night.

By the time sunrise begins, the moonbeams fade from our bedroom window, and I will lose the electric blue light that seems to caress your face.
This is when your lips look most delicate to me.
This is when I am reminded of the great artists and why they paint different versions of beautiful women. I like to do that too.
I have drawn you in my imagination and shaded your outline so the background is distant and you are all I see.

You are often naked beneath the sheets.
You lay sideways, with your hands tucked together beneath your cheek, and your breasts collect at the top of the blankets.
This is what I do when I cannot sleep…….I watch you.
Your face is gentle. The smell from your hair teases my senses, and I wish the nighttime would last a little longer.
I stare at you as if you were a photograph and I wonder about your dreams.
But a man can only wonder so long.

Under the warmth of blankets, I slide my leg closer to yours.
You are so smooth and soft.
I tiptoe my fingers across your stomach and wrap my arm around you.
My favorite part of this is when you roll to the other side so I can curl behind your body.

My legs ravel behind yours, your arm covers over mine, and my chest is at your shoulders.
You do not always wake at this point…….or maybe you are awake, and this is just a game you play with me.
Either way, I know you can feel me as I grow.
I know because your breath changes when I trace the outline of your nipple with my finger.
That’s when you moan and open your neck to me

I move the hair from the side of your face, tucking the strands behind your ear, and then I move in.
I slide into you, slowly, and push my body against yours

The way the sky changes throughout the course of morning is miraculous.
The way the room brightens and the details of your face change as we make love is beautiful.
I want to feel you now.
I want to feel your legs wrap around my back, and hear your breath as you bury your face into the side of my neck.
I want the sun to go down so I can watch the moonlight dance across your face
…….and we can dream


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