A thought on stigma

I’ve encountered a few conversations regarding stigma in the last few days. Some of which left me troubled and some of which left me hopeful. In response, I write down my thoughts in this journal entry ~

I go back to the idea of my “Us against them,” and the “Me against the world,” mentality. I think about the line we see between us and how we separate each other in different classes. I think about the distinction between the so-called righteous or the so-called fallen from grace and how they view each other. I go back to the ideas of our social separation and the Continue reading

Living With Social Anxieties

I swore it felt like my life was the same as listening to someone reading in a classroom. I felt like my life was information being read to me and I would try to keep up and read along. I felt like a kid in the wrong class and everyone took turns reading the next paragraph. But the anticipation of my turn always made me uncomfortable. I would be so nervous that I had to count the number of heads of who would read before me, and along the way, I would Continue reading

From The Classroom: About Bullying

After speaking to seventh and eighth grade kids in a small school, a young girl waited until everyone left the cafeteria before meeting with me. She was encouraged to approach by a comforting teacher that stood by her side. This was my favorite moment of the day. The young girl approached with a shy but very bright smile. Her eyes looked away is if to seem embarrassed by her question.

“Go ahead,” encouraged the teacher.
“Ask him.”

One of the things I mention in my Continue reading

Lessons from Empowerment class

What lies beneath the lies?
We spent a lengthy time discussing the energy behind dishonesty in my last class. I asked a simple question with an obviously easy answer. “Why do people lie?”

In full disclosure, I chose to answer this question from my own personal standpoint. I have had more than my fair share of dishonesties in my life. In each of my dishonesties, the reason why I lied was to create an Continue reading

About Speaking in Schools

I look out at a roomful of young kids, bright-eyed, with their life still ahead of them; their dreams are this “Real thing” which has not been spoiled by age or outside opinion. Inside each and every one of them is a life just waiting to blossom. Ahead of them is a countless supply of tomorrows with only a limited supply of yesterdays behind them.
I see them. I see all of them look at me as I stand at the front of the classroom. I feel a pit in my heart. I feel a familiar sadness from my past. I feel an old feeling that comes from a time long ago when Continue reading

From Letters: About words

Note: this category is usually meant for the letters I write to Mom and The Old Man, but today I’m posting this note here because I feel it belongs here.  And please be warned, there will be no apologies in advance for my sappiness. And please excuse the heaviness because it was written with all my heart.  This one is for you, my very special friend!

We all know words have meaning. We know what Continue reading