Let’s be very real for the moment.
Balance . . .

Isn’t this what everybody wants? I mean, think about it; here we are in this crazy mixed up place, we’re all here and we’re all moving along on this huge conveyor belt, which I like to call Project Earth. We’re all trying to find our place in the circle. We are all trying to find our way around the obstacles that come with life and we are all trying to keep sane in times that would otherwise drive us crazy.

We all try to make it through the push and shove of a “Me first” world with people that shoot for an angle or cheat the game and beat the odds with an unfair advantage. We have to navigate through the imperfection of lies and overcome a commonality of those who impose with a “Get out of my way,” style of living.

And what do you with things like this?
In the face of realistic existence and without coloring the world with a fake shade of pretended positivity, and realistically speaking, what do we do to defend ourselves from the deception of our own perception?

If it is true that we live in a me first society, which we might, and if it is also true that aside from dishonesty, and aside from others with an outside agenda, aside from the tripwires that catch our toes and blow the social landmines beneath our feet, and in conjunction with the rumor factories, the gossip mills, and aside from the soul’s need to interact and feel accepted; how does one find the means to achieve balance in a world that seems so unbalanced and unkind?

But first, what is balance?

The dictionary defines balance as a state of equilibrium. It is the equal distribution of weight and a state of mindfulness, —or steadiness.

Balance is the soul’s spiritual means toward happiness. In our daily course, we will sustain damage. We will encounter pain and live through hardship; we will suffer loss and survive tragedy and with the key word being “survive” what do we do to get through the craziness and maintain our sanity?

Life is constant and often times, life is unmercifully unpredictable.
But does this have to be crippling?

I don’t think so . . .

See, balance is the understanding between truth and the deception of the cognitive mind; whereas truth is often changed by perception and altered by insecurity, to be balanced is to have a true understanding that thoughts are not always fact and emotion is not always rational. And we need to be mindful of this; elsewise, our thoughts and feelings can lead us in an unsteady direction

I once told you that we are always the square root to our own equation. And if you remember this; then you might also remember when I told you a tree’s strength depends upon the health of its roots. And should the roots be compromised, so is the strength of the tree. That’s us. We are like a tree and if our roots is our core then we need to be mindful of this and keep out core at its best possible potential

In light of recent events and in light of certain information; last night, I allowed the thought machine to spin too much. I started feeding ideas and interacting with a thought process that kept me up for a while.

See? That’s the cognitive mind for you.
This is the storage of our processed memories that paints pictures and feels emotion from long ago. This is where the deception of our perception distorts our reality and causes wars to rage in our head. And the wars we fight in our mind aren’t even real (at least not yet) but they certainly seem that way.
We have all done this. I’m sure we can all relate to reliving old arguments in our mind and rehearsing them, just in case we ever have the chance to relive them and then next time; we will be sure to have the right answers and responses.

In full disclosure, when I am not at my best and when given in to the thought machine; I have inwardly discussed old conversations with other people from years ago and relived them, reworded my arguments, rethought my position, and rearranged the argument so that I could feel as though I came out on top.
I admit to this.
I also admit the energy behind this is incredibly draining. In which case, I needed to find a sense of balance. Otherwise, I would fall victim to my own thoughts and volunteer for problems that had yet to occur. I needed to replace thought with action and learn how to stop the gears from spinning in my head.

Sometimes I write.
And that helps.
Sometimes at night, I can’t sleep because the ideas are moving quickly and change the state of emotion. When this happens, I think of one particular song. I concentrate on the song, note by note and word by word. I find this to be helpful because this causes enough distraction to let my mind wander elsewhere. Eventually, this helps me sleep

Breathing helps too. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. I do this until I calm down. It was described to me like this, “Smell the roses, blow out the candles,” and I breathe this way to calm myself in times when the cognitive mind seems too out of control

I agree though.

We do live in a crazy world

But that doesn’t mean I have to be crazy

And neither do you





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