A Personal Ramble

This is nothing more than a personal ramble.
In fairness, I am not sure what you (the reader) will picture or what you will imagine if you decide to follow along. I’m not sure if this will even make sense to anyone else but me. Still, a ramble is a ramble and this is just that—a ramble .

I am driving up to see two of my most special friends this morning. Had it not been for them and others like them when we all lived together on The Farm, I would not be the man I am now. Had it not Continue reading

Poem From A Son

“Take this,” she said to him—an old woman
sitting in her favorite chair, upstairs,
living in a house built by the man she loved,
in a room where life happened
and memories were built.

She was a mother above all things,
loving and caring,
and she handed him a white silken scarf
which had been folded carefully.
“This belonged to your father,” she said,
a wife, 
a widow in mourning. Continue reading

Junkie Stories: The First Day

Everything is a blur. The reasons I became this way and what I went through to get here had all been dulled like an old knife that was left in a drawer someplace, rusted, and aged without the resemblance of its once shiny self. There I was at the sick house with fellow drunks and fellow junkies, drying out for their first few days, and wondering, dumbfounded, with the same look in the eye and similar expressions on their faces. Each one in the house was Continue reading

Bedtime Stories: The Best Time

It’s better like this. The best times are the unexpected ones. This is when he comes behind you and grabs you without warning. Startled at first, you feel his arms wrap around you. This is the best way because it brings with it an element of surprise. At this point, your heart is racing because of the quick scare. At the same time, your heart is racing because there he is, right behind you, and you know he is not willing to give in.

He caught you without leaving so much as a clue—standing by the mirror in your bathroom; you were thinking Continue reading


It is Monday Evening.
The sky is orange just west and north of New York City and I am outbound on a bus, sitting in the usual window seat as I head home with a world of too much thought, and a heart with too many emotions. It won’t be long now. Soon enough, the leaves will change color and the autumn months will take the stage. I swear there are no sunsets like autumn sunsets. Tonight was only Continue reading

The When and Where

I come from such an interesting time. Like others, my family moved from a busy neighborhood to something quiet. We went from the active street behind Queens Boulevard to a less active, certainly quiet town away from the boroughs and into the suburban life. I have pictures of my old home somewhere. When we first moved in, the siding was brown on our two story cape. Our street was one of the main ones in the neighborhood. Across from us was a large empty field, several acres in size, bordered and separated by mound of dirt, which traced the outline of the vacant lot. Only, this was no ordinary field or vacant lot. This was once Continue reading

There Are No Friends Like Old Friends

There are no friends like old friends. Above anything I know as fact; I know this is certainly true. There are no friends like old friends. There is no one else in the world like the kids from the neighborhood. I know this. I know this as well as I know my own blood that moves through my body. No matter where we go in life, how far we move away, what we turned into, or how successful we become—old friends will always be old friends. They will always have a piece of our heart. They will always matter and when we are older; when we look back at ourselves and the life we lived; when we need a laugh or whenever we feel the need for a fresh breath of nostalgia, our old friends and the things we did together will always find Continue reading

For you

As strange as it sounds, there is freedom in our failures. When there’s nothing left to lose and everything crashes; there is nothing left to worry about. Since all is lost, the pressure is lifted. There is nothing left to protect. There are no reasons to hide anymore. We are out now. We are already exposed and the bottom we hit is cold, hard, and absolutely painful.
When you hit bottom—at least this is bottom and you have nowhere left to fall.

Whether things could Continue reading