The Daddy Diaries: About Time

I think of things like little feetie-pajamas.
I think of things like what little kids say
when they’re still young enough to believe in wonderful things,
like the power of a special blanket
or a stuffed animal.
I think about the way a little girl laughs at silly jokes by her Dad,

like, say, “Hey Punky, do you think fish ever get thirsty?”
And then I think of a little girl’s laugh

as she responded, “Silly daddy!”

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Confidence Booster

Great morning, this morning. I had the chance to do a phone interview with a client about to face an intense challenge.

I think about the way we interview for a better position or a brand new job. I think about the two sides of the table. I think about the interviewer and the one being interviewed.
People tend to forget that interviews work both ways. The employer is looking for their best candidate. The candidate is looking for their best employment opportunity, which basically puts both sides on an even playing field. Put simply; the goal here is to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. I advised this during a focus on confidence coaching.

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My Sunday Morning Thing

I would like to share what Sunday morning looks like to me. I wake early before the sun and I head into the kitchen. I move slowly, tired but yet, I’m awake.
I go over to my trusty friend the coffee machine. I proceed to the cabinet where I fetch my cup and place the cup beneath the little spout, which is where the coffee gods deliver their nectar.
I push a little blue light, which creates a quick electrical sound that follows with the dribble of water falling into the echo of my empty coffee cup.
I like this sound by the way. I love the smell of my coffee being brewed.

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Insomnia and Anxiety thinking from 2:00am

Before going forward about the thought machine and how it works, I think it is important that we define what the thought machine is. We need to understand the wiring and how our machine operates.
The thought machine is our brain. Like any machine, the thought machine has switches and relays and sensors and safeties. Think about a circuit board; think about a control room with big switches and dials.
At our best, we achieve a sense of balance or stability, otherwise known as homeostasis. All the connections are made; the machine is good, The lights are bright, the air is sweet, and all’s right with the world. This is us at our best. This is us without any interruption or disturbance.
However, the thought machine is alarm sensitive. When all systems check, the current flows smoothly.

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Just Sayin: (written before the workday)

And now it’s me, early morning, tired and wishing I was someplace else. But yet I am here, of course, exactly where I am supposed to be.
Then again . . . where else would I be?
I have come to the conclusion that we are all inherently and internally crazy. We are all crazy in our own perfect little way, which is not to suggest that crazy is a bad thing.
At least, not as I see it.

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