A Moment of Reprieve

Here we are, closing in on the final quarter of the year and yet, 2020 has been around for a while now and most of us are still looking around and waiting for something to begin.
I would like to direct your attention now to the big screen; the heavens, the skylines, the mountainsides, and the cityscapes. I would like to direct your attention away from the small screens, the cell phones, the computers, or the televisions and the news that never says anything kind or uplifting. 

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Because She Is Beautiful

Before we go any further, I think we have to come to some kind of understanding. There are different kinds of beauty in this world. Not everything is beautiful. Then again, not everything is ugly.
Sometimes the two are interchangeable. Sometimes there is an in-between and sometimes there is a miscalculation of terms. Things we see as beautiful can actually become ugly and things we find ugly turn out to be beautiful. This is all a matter of perspective.

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The Path-

The truth is there is no competition. This is only the mind. There is no me against you or you against me. There is no reason to compare scars or cross examine each other to see which one goes farther or does more. There is no reason to look at people, like say, me or the neighbor.

There is no reason to keep up with the Jones’s or see who has the bigger house or the better pool or the nicer car. The truth is there is no competition.

The weight of the wallet or the title of a job is not the measure of greatness. Educational competence does not always equal cultural competence and many times, educational competence has nothing to do with competence at all. Life is not always what we think it is.

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From Choices: I Unsubscribe

Early morning and I remember. It was summertime. The sky was blue and the world was still young to me. I was still young. I was also the one that always woke up early. Everyone else was asleep. Mom was upstairs. The Old Man was sleeping too. My brother Dave was asleep in his room and me, I was up already and outside in the backyard.

I have always found my town interesting during the early morning hours. The day has started but no one has ventured out. This was especially so on the weekends.

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To Find Freedom

There is a reason behind everything we do. And I am sure of this. There is a science to us all and a pathology to our behavior that stems from an idea, a thought, a feeling, or a need to settle a discomfort.

We all have this. We all look for comfort. We want to feel better. We want to fit in. We want to be accepted, wanted, desired, and moreover, we all want to be soothed, consoled, and reassured. This is primal by the way. This is the piece of us looking for the warmth of the womb or the swaddle in the blanket.

There are stages in life which we all go through. We grow. We live and we learn. We apply ourselves in different ways until we find our place. This is where the science behind our behavior comes in.

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From Choices: It’s Time

I have a drawer filled with little keepsakes and mementos from friends I’ve gained along the way. I have a picture that was drawn of me while standing in front of a roomful of people at one of my empowerment classes.
I have a tie that someone bought for me, which is nothing like anything I would wear but still, I kept this.
I keep things like this because from whichever angle the gifts come from and from whomever remembered me enough to give me something, I see each of these gifts as tiny victories. I keep them because they mean something to me.

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I am young now.
In fact, I am younger now than before because I choose to be.
I am a man by my own definition; therefore, I do not concern myself with the definition of others or concern myself with the pronouns someone else uses. I do not concern myself with the way someone else chooses to define me because above all things; I am me and no one else can say or sway any of this from ever being true.

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From Choices: So, This is Progress?

And here we are, two days before the beginning of August in the year of all years, 2020. I am wondering though. I am wondering about the ideas and the dreams of like say, 30 years ago. The idea of the year 2020 itself was larger than life back then. But tell me, where are the flying cars? 
What happened to the prototypes of what we thought our future would look like? Is this it, because as it stands now, somehow, I thought we would be further advanced than we really are

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The Ugly Truth

Help is not always a pretty thing. In our life and along the way are the warning signs we’ve seen and ignored.
We knew something was up, but yet, we were hopeful. We were looking to crack a deal and get something for better than say, face value. We’ve tried to renegotiate the terms but eventually, there is always someone looking to collect.

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The Decision Is Ours

We are all tasked at the dawn of our day.
No, really. It’s the truth.
From the moment we open our eyes is a list of decisions that go on until we close them again. Some of the decisions are simple.
What should I eat?
What should I drink?
What should I watch?
It is estimated that we make approximately 35,000 conscious decisions throughout each day. It is said that a child only makes 3,000 decisions in the same time frame day. I suppose this is why we refer to our childhood as simpler times.

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