Memories From the Balcony – So, I Hear You Have the Secret . . .

Once more, I have the need to say this. I am a fan of the underdog. I am a fan of the dogged, the unrelenting and the one who understands what it means to endure.
I am a fan of the person who is not deterred by the word No!
Why wouldn’t I be?
I’m a fan of the one who understands the secret of persistence. I admire them.
I am a fan of the person who figured out the combination and, somehow, they can be consistent and persistent on a daily basis.
This doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as bad days or hard days. But in light of bad days or hard days, this only means that through it all, they never drop their things or throw tantrums and say, “I quit.”
If you ask me, I say this is more than being persistent.
No, in the face of the real world, I think this is simply heroic.

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Memories from the Balcony – Enough Already

It’s amazing to me. Technology is growing so fast. Or maybe this all growing too fast, no?
Cell phones are the new thing to have. It’s true, there’s a line between who has which cell phone and who uses the updates or knows how.
I spent an afternoon scrolling through my phone in a store. I was about to buy a new phone. I was trying to figure something out when out of nowhere, a young salesperson approached and flipped through my phone in seconds. Literally, this happened in seconds and just like that, all of my questions were answered.
I’m not sure if this is the direction we want to go in.
I don’t know if technology is the answer.
But try to take this away and I get it –
There’s a fight on your hands.

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Memories From the Balcony – Springtime

Here it is, today. The first morning of spring.
I know that something is on its way. I know that changes are about to take place.
I know this because life has always been this way. Everything changes. Time changes. The clocks change.
The way we look changes. The way we act and the way we think changes as well.

Our intentions change and so will our incentives. Maybe this a process. Or, maybe this is more of a challenge for some than it is for others. Or, maybe this is just relative.
Maybe this is subjective; but either way, all things do and must change.
This is life. Or, at least this is what I was told.

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Memories From the Balcony – Mr. Mirror

When you find yourself looking up at the sky, trust me.
I am too.
When you see yourself and you wonder if there’s anyone out there who gets it and I mean if there’s anyone out there who really gets it. Please, add me to the list.

When the wind is cold or the rain is heavy and you find yourself looking out of the window, or when you’re lost in thought or somehow drifting like the blanket of gray clouds overhead, just know this, know that you’re not the only one out there.
Know that you’re not alone. Not now.
At least not anymore.

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Memories From the Balcony – It All Begins With Belief

I don’t know if I ever thought that any of this would work out for me. Most of all, I never expected life to turn into this, with me being here, right now.
I’m not sure if I believed in myself as a person or the ideas that I could take myself to the next level.
I know what people say when someone doubts themselves all the time.
I know all about the word potential. I used to hear this all the time.
People would tell me about my potential yet none of this ever made sense to me.
Then again, how could it?
To me, this was all a lie or a made up hoax just to get me to walk the line or quit living like I was going to die anyway.

Maybe I was too far gone or unreachable.
At least for the time being, this was absolutely true.

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Memories From the Balcony – Come to Think of It . . .

Let’s not pretend anymore. Life has changed. The world has changed.
The way we live and the way we interact with each other is different now.
We’ve all gone remote, at least to some degree.
Almost everything has a hands-free option now.
There’s such a thing as “no touch” delivery which, to me, I think this is an interesting play on words.
Everything has changed since the shutdown which, if I’m correct, I believe the other day was the anniversary of when the world shutdown. It was March 15, 2020. This is the day we were told to stay home.
We were told to stay indoors because of a virus that was spreading around the world.

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Memories From the Balcony – A Bedtime Story

Timing is interesting to me because in light of all that’s going on around me, trouble and turmoil, thoughts and feelings; yet, in the moment, I came across an old note of mine that was written as a divorced father of a girl who I knew was going off in a different direction
This is part me, part “this” and part confusion and part apropos because like I said, timing is everything. Excluding a few edits and corrections, all of what I am about to share below is unchanged since a long, long time ago.

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Memories From the Balcony – Do You Like Ribs?

I can think of it now, The Old Man coming in the television room, which we called the den.
He would ask, “What are you doing in here? Get outside!”

We never had video games like the ones that kids have today.
We had Atari. We had Pac-man. We had Asteroids.
We had Elevator Action. We had games called Frogger and Space Invaders. 
Other than that, the video game life was not the same as the video games that we have now.

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Memories From the Balcony – Being Young (Again)

And then there was the world, right there in front of us.
But did we know it? Did we know anything or did we only think we knew?
Life was about to happen. There we were, right on the verge of a new chapter; too afraid to turn the page and to eager to hold out for the right place or the right time. By the way, I wonder about this because sometimes there is no right place or right time. No,
there’s only life and it’s happening to you and me, right here, right now.

No one ever tells you how big this is going to be.
No one can prepare you for what’s about to come your way, at least not really.

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Memories From the Balcony – Unbroken

There are a thousand things that you will see and hear. There will be things you’ll taste and things that you’ll smell.
These things will last forever. This is good, trust me.

There will always be life ongoing and unfolding because life will always happen, right in front of us.
You are going to see things that are beyond belief. You will encounter moments that go beyond comprehension. While this might not be easy, life will still happen whether we agree with it or not.

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