About Being a Punk

To the young, they think they’ll never be old.
For them, they think youth will stay young forever.
This means we can be wild forever.
We can play forever.
We can feel alive forever
and we can live without caution or worry.

When you’re young, tomorrow is just another day.
Nothing really matters.
At least, not really.
When you’re young, you’re still young enough to defy the idea of time.
Time is just a minute away.
And to the young, life is still young
and minutes are more than plentiful.

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From The Daddy Diaries: About The Old Man and The Sea

We left the dock just before sunup. It was warm and the winds were mostly calm. Everything was quiet. All there was to hear were the the sound of an early morning summer breeze and the seawater moving through the back canals.
The reports from offshore said the seas were somewhere between 2’ and 3’ rollers, which is fine. Soon enough, with all aboard, we prepared to move slowly through the “No Wake” zone. I started the engines and one of the crew untied the ropes around the cleats.

I loved it this way. When it’s quiet, I mean. The only people around are the people heading offshore. The marina was empty and all was quiet. I loved the sound my engines made and the vibration that I felt beneath my feet while standing at the wheel. She was mine, alright. She was all mine.

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I believe in the soul.
Even if others tell me there is no such thing, I believe in the soul and the soul’s need to be free.
I believe in the inner self.
I believe in the “Us” deep within that has been covered by layer upon layer of emotion and experience. I believe in the inner self, yearning and aching to break out from beneath the weight of all things.

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Priority #1

Life has a way of teaching us lessons. And if we don’t learn the first time, the lesson comes back around again; only, the next time the lesson is more intense. And it goes this way until we learn.
Eventually, something happens and suddenly, a light comes on. Maybe we can call this an “Ah-ha!” moment. Maybe we have what people call a spiritual awakening or in more intense situations, we have what people consider to be a divine intervention.
Or, maybe something occurs; maybe this is as simple realization, which allows us to see things as they really are.
Something happens and suddenly, we take notice.
We see the need for change.
We come to this moment and find a need to take action. But what is action without reason?
More importantly, what is change without motivation. How do we maintain long-term goals without feeling motivated or inspired?

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Personal Redemption

I want to find myself somewhere (with you) now, beside a tree I once knew in a different life. I was younger then. But of course you already knew that. Everything that happens to us before now is something that happened when we were younger. This means we are constant. We will always be constant (So help me God) so long as as we believe this way, we will always be allowed to grow.

I want find myself here (with you) beside this tree on a hill at a place where I store my memories. I was young at the time. The hill was behind a big main house on a farm I once knew. The tree was not so much unlike any other. The tree is just a tiny part of this place. But yet, at the same time, this tree is symbolic of something so much bigger.

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