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I feel bad for the kids today. They have no soul. I tell you they have no earth to them, no depth—and they’re mad about this. They’re mad because they never went outside to like, say, build a clubhouse or play hide and go seek.
They don’t even have real cartoons these days. The kids today have no idea what it’s like to wake up early on a Saturday morning to watch Bugs Bunny, or Woody, or even Heckle and Jeckle, Magilla Gorilla. I mean, my God, some of the kids I’ve spoken with don’t even know about The Flintstone’s for Christ’s sake.

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A Passage About The Fight

Soon the air will begin to cool. Soon enough, the trees will take on a new shade of color. Autumn will arrive and the air will smell from fallen leaves and fireplaces from nearby homes.
I can dig it . . .
I love it this way, not too hot and not too cold. I love the world during the in-between seasons. I see the summer and winter as the ultimate inhale and exhale of Mother Nature. Spring and fall are the pauses between breaths. The Earth will undergo change, which I identify as the foreshadowing moment of a new and up and coming chapter.

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The Right To Refuse

There is something I know, which we all know, which is unfortunate at times but even still, the truth is no matter how much we love or care, no matter how we have the best interests at heart, and no matter how hard we try to help or “Fix” the problem, whether we like it or not, not everyone wants help. Not everyone accepts it. Not everyone agrees. Not everyone wants to stop what they’re doing and not everyone wants to change their life.

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8 Thoughts For A Young Man

  1. And then one day, you were free.
    You were away for a while though.
    Or, you were away long enough
    to not have the withdrawal symptoms.

    You were in the clear (So to speak)
    You had an out, if you wanted one.
    There was something holding you back.

    It seems this is the case for a lot of people we know.
    There was something that kept you from reaching out.
    But there was something there.
    I know there was

    Or maybe this is me being me
    Maybe this is just wishful thinking
    I watched you interact
    I saw you smile, and sure, you already had your mind made up.
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PSA: Sorry Folks, But This Needs To Be Said

I am writing this because this has been a topic of conversation over the last few days. This has been brought up by different people for different reasons by all circumstances still relate on one specific way.
And I’m glad for this. Not that I like the topic but I would rather someone reach out and speak out than suffer in silence and carry out their plans to say goodbye.
So, essentially, this is for you.
And you know who you are.

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I was in the back of a truck with no windows, handcuffed to a man that was drinking the night before. He was handcuffed to another man and him to another and then so on.
I was afraid. I was hungry and my stomach was growling, but yet, how could I even think of food in a time like this?
I hadn’t eaten in a while, but like I said, food was not my top priority.

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