Prose From The Soul: It Can’t Rain Forever

It rained last night
and this morning was gray with a slight mist.
I awoke later than usual –
the sun was trying to peek through the clouds
like a round spot in the sky
with a shade of orange in the silvery shadows
The grass is wet and the smell from the earth
is like that of a late summer rain and me
I am still me
with a mind full of ideas.

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Prose From the Soul: STOP!

And the way the wind blows, it changes, right?
The winds change and so does the weather,
so does the time,
and so do the fashions, the music,
the shows we watch and the foods we eat.

Life is a constant page turner.
I know this now. 
Sometimes we read the writing on the wall
and other times
we get lazy or comfortable
and we skip a few pages thinking,
“I’ll just figure it out as I go along.”

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Prose From the Soul: In a Perfect World

In a perfect world, no one would ever get old
No one would ever die or feel pain or touch a moment of sadness.
Not once.
In a perfect world, your favorite gum would never lose flavor,
you could eat as much of anything you want
and you’d never gain too much weight,
you’d never hear the word calories as a threat
or be put off and think about things
like your cholesterol.

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Prose From the Soul: The Purpose Between Us

It is beyond me . . .
to think of how you know someone for so long yet
there are people we meet and in an instant,
the world changes
and it seems as if we’ve known each other

But more, it’s amazing how time passes
and people go their own ways,
only to circle back
as a means of fate:
to reconnect and to find each other again.
I swear, there’s something to this
Something deeper than say,
that is, if fate is what they say it is –

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