What Depression Does

You want to know why I cry?
You want to know why I wanted to be involved or why I do what I do?

I sat in the small bathroom of an upstairs suite of an old hotel that was transformed into a drug rehabilitation center. The decorations were something from the 70’s. The suite had a blue rug, white walls, and wood colored furniture. The main lobby was also outdated with wood paneled walls and Berber carpeting. The couches were old. The pictures on the wall were perhaps left behind from the days when the treatment center was a temporary home to happy hotel guests. In its exchange, the hotel became a temporary home to people like me. This was a place of recovery for drug addicts and alcoholics.

I was 19 at the time and fulfilling my Continue reading

A Little Bit About The Path We Choose

I hate the fallout of friendships.
I hate the unmovable and imaginary line that splits down the center of the room, leaving us with the idea of, “You’ll stay in your half and I’ll sat in mine.”
I hate the cold war and the dirty looks between old friends who can no longer stand the sight of each other. I hate the lingering resentment and I hate it when memories appear to shine light on our foolishness.

It is right to Continue reading

A Quick Piece About Being Young

I was thinking of the late night spots of my younger days. Better than the murder burgers in 24hr fast-food restaurants,  I was thinking about places where crowds of after-hour people gathered to find good food. We crowded at these eateries and restaurants  before granting the overdue ending to a long insatiable night. I had my places, which I preferred over the others.
I had my favorite dishes.
By the time the meal was finished, the sun would begin to poke its way through the membrane of the horizon. Reconstructed from darkness to sunlight, the morning sun lifted as the birds chirped. If I were lucky, I would Continue reading

A Note To You

Somewhere in another world—or maybe it was another lifetime, on nights like this one, my family would gather for the holiday. This dinner or, “Seder,” as it was called was pretty long. We called this day Pesach in Hebrew. Others know this holiday as Passover.

It is truly amazing how years seem to fit between times like now and then. As I write this to you, I am sitting in a room, far away from the dining rooms of my youth. I am far away from the traditions of my childhood and distant from Continue reading

A Bedtime Story

She moved into the room. Her blue, silk collared shirt was unbuttoned beneath the jacket of her dark gray pants suit. She stood barefoot in the doorway—the twinkle from the candlelight glimmered in her eyes. Her blonde hair was cut to shoulder length, which was tossed over to the left side of her face. Her lips appeared moist and shiny in the dim light and her mouth was slightly open, revealing the slight hint of a brightly white smile.

He watched her from the bed. His body was undressed and halfway beneath the covers. His back was propped up on the Continue reading