A Bedtime Story

She moved into the room. Her blue, silk collared shirt was unbuttoned beneath the jacket of her dark gray pants suit. She stood barefoot in the doorway—the twinkle from the candlelight glimmered in her eyes. Her blonde hair was cut to shoulder length, which was tossed over to the left side of her face. Her lips appeared moist and shiny in the dim light and her mouth was slightly open, revealing the slight hint of a brightly white smile.

He watched her from the bed. His body was undressed and halfway beneath the covers. His back was propped up on the pillows. His chest was uncovered and his arms spread out with his palms flat against the top of the bed.

She wanted to seduce him. She wanted him to want her more than anything he had ever wanted before. She wanted him to need her the way man needs air or water to drink. She wanted to be the only flavor that could satisfy his appetite. In all, she wanted to be the only one that could survive and solve his hunger.

Sliding her hand inside the opening of her unbuttoned blouse, she allowed the tips of her fingernails to tease her skin with the sensation of a delicate touch. Barely strolling her fingernails beneath her breast with only the hint of her fingernails, she reached in to tickle her flesh. Moving gently, she allowed herself the teasing sensation that tingles and lifts the skin into tiny goose bumps.

She could tell by more than his smile that her attempt had the effect she was looking for. Poking up from the covering sheet that stretched across the bed was the proof of her man’s arousal.
He was ready.

He watched her standing in the entryway of the bedroom. He could smell the essence of her perfume. He could feel the thrill building and surging within himself.

“Do you want me,” she asked him.
He answered, “Yes,” with his eyes chasing her in a sexy glare.
“You know I want you,” he said.

Sliding from her arms from the sleeves in her jacket, she revealed and uncovered the top half of her body. She was shapely. To him, she was desirable. Her soft features and the pale view of her skin—the round pink tease of her pointed nipples atop of her large chest, and the way her hips swerved kept him mesmerized and began to drive him wild.

He was stiffened by her. He wanted her to move in closer but she was not finished with her show. She was content to tease him the way a beast would be teased by the length of his leash. And though she wanted him—she would not give in and simply allow him to have his way.
Not yet.

Next, she dug her hands into her waistline. Her eyes remained locked upon his as she slowly dropped her pants to the floor. Then she stepped out of them. Now she was completely uncovered.

She stood to gather every ounce of his attention. Raising her right hand and allowing her fingernails to graze against herself, pinky first, she moved her hand downward between her breasts. She stared at him—teasing him with all she had to raise his body temperature and have him burst at the seams.

He watched as she moved closer to the bed. Hypnotized by her, he watched as she drew closer to him. She approached him with a slow, steady crawl that resembled a lioness when stalking her prey. Creeping in, she stalked her way up to the bed.
She climbed up, slinking her way towards him—leaning her head on his chest while gazing into his eyes with her lips aching in preparation for his kiss.

“Do you want me,” she asked.

To him, answers were better said in action. Gently placing his lips against her, he moved his tongue into her mouth. He reached his hand around to touch her face.

She belonged to him now. There was no one else in the world for either of them and there was no place else in the world that either of them would rather be.
She felt the weight of his body turn upon her own. Her legs spread and wrapped around his back as their movement turned their bodies at once, giving him the top position, and leaving her to the submissive bottom.

With eyes closed, their tongues entwined. Their kiss was the initial celebration, which could only lead to the satisfaction of their love.
Before entering, he looked into her eyes. Her breath quivered as she felt him at her entryway. It was only a matter of seconds before he moved through the first stages of her body, slipping deeply into the depths of her soul.

Aligned and ready, he plunged in. She could feel the width of his reach and the length of his excitement.
Inch by swollen inch, he sunk himself  with all he had. She could feel the throbbing pleasure of his love. She could feel the muscles in his back. She could feel everything that was his.

“He’s so strong,” she thought to herself.

Gliding in and out, kissing, gripping at one another, the moment became intense. Her nails dug into his back. His hands pressed down against the bed, pushing himself up to hover above her body.Below his waist, his hips moved forward and back to create the piston-like motion of an aggressive thrust.

Leaning up, her legs spread wide. His hands gripped her ankles. He rested on his knees while creating a fast motion to move in and out quicker and angrier. She began watching him as if he were the most beautifully dominant man she had ever seen. Tickling her nipple with one hand, she allowed the other hand to move down and rub the button above her entryway.

He loved her this way—beneath him, looking up as if he were the only man in the world that could make her feel like this. He loved watching her touch herself for him. He loved the way her eyes rolled back as she moved her fingers around in a circular movement against her clit. He loved the way she moaned and the way their bodies sounded as he pounded himself against her.

“Do you want me to cum for you,” she asked.
“Yes,” he said with shaken breath.
“Then tell me to cum for you!”

“Cum for me now,” he demanded.
“Say it like you mean it,” she scolded.
“Cum for me now, bitch!”

No sooner did he command her to cum, her eyes rolled as she let out a scream.

“I’m cumming for you,” she pleaded.

Then after a loud moan, she confirmed, “I’m cumming all over your cock!”

Hearing this was all he needed. With her legs propped upon his shoulders and her hand continuing to work against her clit—he moved as fast as he could, slamming his reach into her. Their bodies slapped together in the sound of a loud and sexual applause.

“Are you ready,” he asked.

“Cum inside of me,” she pleaded.

In seconds every muscle in his body tensed. He tried to hold on as long as he could. He teased the sharp edge between arousal and orgasm. He held on until he could no longer hold on. And when it was time—he exploded. He erupted the way a fountain would erupt as it reached its point of electricity. He exploded in voice as well as body.

And after . . .

After he slumped down in complete and total satisfaction, she curled into his arms to sleep until morning.

Of all ways to say goodnight, there


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