about healing

I made the poorest decisions at my weakest times. I did not have the benefit of strength or better judgment—all I had was an empty heart. I had an empty room filled with my regrets, and an empty answering machine glowing in red double-zeroes.
My cell phone was quiet, and other than the random junk mail and bills, my mailbox was empty. I had reached another bottom

In a fit, I thought Continue reading

While on probation….

I sat on a steel folding chair near the men’s room in the back of the Nassau County Probation Department. Around me, the delinquents of our society waited for their names to be called by their probation officer.
The officers appeared from a doorway beside the reception desk, often holding a plastic cup for urine samples and directing, “Come with me.”

Sitting away from the others, I watched the Continue reading

Late night prose from the overtime shift

If you do not know your own worth
…….then you do not know what you are giving away.
And if you do not know what you are giving away
…….then you cannot be sure if the people you offer yourself to
are deserving of what you give them.


You need to see yourself as more than just a vehicle.
You need to know you are more than body
…….you are a beacon
You are the light, and light in its truest form is purity.

Know this:
Know that your words have value
Know that your time is worthy,
and so is the care you so freely give away.

Remember Matthew 7:6
“Do not give what is sacred onto dogs, and do not cast your pearls before swine,
for they will trample them under their feet
and tear you to pieces with them.”

Do not spoil your donations because they are sacred
and once they are gone
they are as irretrievable as sand falling through the bottom of an hourglass
…….and you will be nothing more than under-appreciated

Or worse


written this morning after a long shift at work

Something is coming my way.
I don’t know what it is, but I know a change is coming.
I can feel it.

After working the overnight, I pulled another 8-hour shift, and I picked up exactly where I left off.
Lately, I’ve been re-piping a lot of old cast-iron radiators.
I’ve been moving them from one spot to another, which means Continue reading

Just to write….

The best time to take a drive is early in the morning. I was heading west on Hempstead Turnpike. The sun arrived behind me in the east and splashed its reflection across the glass buildings on Glenn Curtis Blvd.
The roads were empty with the exception of a few cars, driving in different lanes, and filtering through the traffic lights.
My only company was the radio, and as I enjoyed the Continue reading