Just to write….

The best time to take a drive is early in the morning. I was heading west on Hempstead Turnpike. The sun arrived behind me in the east and splashed its reflection across the glass buildings on Glenn Curtis Blvd.
The roads were empty with the exception of a few cars, driving in different lanes, and filtering through the traffic lights.
My only company was the radio, and as I enjoyed the sound of music, I took a deep breath and exhaled.

Life on life’s terms is not always an easy thing. That’s why I need moments like this morning. I cannot change the interest rate on my home.
I cannot fix all of what is broken in my life, and I cannot fix the damages to my mother’s spine. I cannot stop her from aging, or getting sick, and I cannot stop life as it takes place.
I have my share of complaints. I have my own aches and pains. I have worries and concerns. I have fears and I have doubts.
But fortunately, I also have the wherewithal to understand that as I go through life, there will be good times and bad.

This morning, I drove passed the house that Ronald Kimmel built.
He’s The Old Man, I speak about so often.
Slowly rolling by the home, I looked at the upstairs window that used to be mine in the modest two-story cape.
That house was for sale a few years back…..a part of me wanted to make an offer.

I wonder which room I would have chosen to sleep in.
I suppose I would have chosen my old room. It was a decent size, and not much smaller than the master bedroom, which was across the hall.
That one belonged to my Mother and Father.

I was the last of my family to leave the front door of that house.
I remember it well.
I remember standing in the doorway of my room. I saw glimpses of who I was and who I became. I saw the change from youth into manhood, and as I closed the light, I looked around for the last time and whispered the word, “Goodbye.”

I have held onto my heritage and the remnants of my family for so long.
When I was a young boy, my mother explained, “Life is just a loan. Children are a loan too, and then one day, they go out and create a life for themselves.
You’ll do it too, someday.”
And as I drove passed the house that Ronald Kimmel built, a tear swelled in my eye.

Everything changes….Life evolves….People come….And people go.
This morning, I took a quiet drive and on my way to get breakfast, I had a word with The Old Man.
As we live, we must never forget to do just that: Live!

We can never be afraid to try, to fall down, get back up, laugh out loud, or fail. That’s what living is.
Maybe that’s reason why I never put an offer on my old house….because I have my own path to go down.
I have my own family that’s been loaned to me.

But…it was nice to drive passed the old house at 277 Merrick Avenue.
I just wish the homeowner’s would fix the garage door. Otherwise, the outside looks the same.

It is evening now and dinner is almost ready.
Perhaps, I should go and enjoy the things that have been loaned to me.

Have a good night, folks


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