The Old Man and a Shirt

Way back when, I can remember The Old Man wearing a gray sweatshirt when he felt a cold coming on. The Old Man was rarely sick, but when he was, The Old Man would get it, he would get it bad. He would throw on his old gray sweatshirt and a pair of 9321_101015756583187_406506_nsweatpants. More important was the shirt. The sweatshirt was old with holes in it. The fabric was worn and the neck was frayed. Mom wanted to get rid of the shirt but The Old Man wouldn’t let her.

This was The Old Man’s sick shirt. It was comfortable for him. And when the fever set in and when the congestion took over, the shivers, the aches and Continue reading

Strength and Change

I was always told the best path to follow is the path of least resistance. I can say this is true. I can say that yes, the easiest path to follow is the oath of least resistance but then I relate to a story written by a literary idol of mine, Robert Fulghum.
In his book, “All I Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten,”   Fulghum writes about a cicada, —you know what they are. They are one of those big-eyed, creepy-crawly bugs that chatter from the trees Continue reading

The Farm Thing

This is written for a friend of mine that mentioned The Farm idea last night. And for those of you who may or may not know what The Farm idea is, well, here’s my plan . . .

I want to build a farm. I want to build a place somewhere away from everything at the edge of a small town where people smile and say “Hello.” I want a piece of land that is uninterrupted by signs, billboards, and roads that are filled with traffic. It would have to be a place away from all the static and interference of social media nonsense. If I could place this somewhere, it would have to be somewhere peaceful, like say, somewhere in the center of a few mountains with an elevation that’s high enough that we could see the world Continue reading

From The Classroom: The cutting problem

Before I go on and explain or expose this to you, I want to first explain that this is what happened to me in my life. The thoughts and feelings I express are mine. I cannot say this is the same for everyone else or if others felt this same way, but I can say that throughout my years of recovery and while speaking with others who have been through similar struggles or acted out with similar behaviors, in several conversations, much of what I express was commonly relatable and understood. Therefore, I expose my history of cutting for others who Continue reading

Explaining The Unexplainable

How do you explain the unexplainable to a child? Wait no, how do you explain the unexplainable to anyone for that matter. When it comes to life and death, how do you explain that life has its own order, —and that the natural order of life is only natural to us and our minds.father-and-daughter-silhouette-494x329
See, part of what I want to do is helping families process the feelings of their loss of a loved one. Dealing with addiction is filled with tragedies. But whichever the final reason may be, no matter Continue reading

Sessions From The Balcony: About Love

Make no mistake about it; love is the bravest emotion we can experience. And be advised, love has no time line or time limit (at least, not real love) because real love happens and when it comes, it comes on quickly, —almost like a flash of light in the sky, and suddenly, life becomes clear. She becomes clear and the reasons we walked where we walked and talked as we talked suddenly become clear.
When love comes, it comes Continue reading

From In The Classroom: Visions of Self

A few weeks back, I stood in front of a classroom and discussed the three different versions of self. I talked about the version we see, the version we want others to see, and the true versions of who we are. To put it simply, we are the perception of three different people. We are who we think we are. We are who we want to be. And we are who people see us as.
My experience has Continue reading

From Bedtime Stories: About The Working Man

I’m no different from most people. I wake up and put my pants on one keg at a time the same as most. I work. I do my best to feed my family. I eat some and I do my best to laugh some. I have my share of faults and I have my positive side as well. Like most in this world, I spend too much time at work and I spend too much time wondering if there’s another way I could pull of my trick and figure out a better way towards financial relief. However, I’ve Continue reading