Sessions From The Balcony: About Love

Make no mistake about it; love is the bravest emotion we can experience. And be advised, love has no time line or time limit (at least, not real love) because real love happens and when it comes, it comes on quickly, —almost like a flash of light in the sky, and suddenly, life becomes clear. She becomes clear and the reasons we walked where we walked and talked as we talked suddenly become clear.
When love comes, it comes on quickly. This can happen literally seconds. And like I mentioned, suddenly the world takes on a new appeal because when love hits, love hits hard. Make no mistake about it

True love hits, and suddenly, your version of life changes. Your reasons changes but more accurately, your life is more than just about you and the half of you, which was empty, is something that no longer feels alone. You were blind at first. You were blind at first but now that you can see (in a sense) you realized all that you’ve been missing because at last, you’re in love.

And it’s unbelievable.

You were blind for so long, in so many ways, and to so many different things. Then love hit and now you see it all. And perhaps it feels like you’re seeing things for the first time. But that’s when you realized, you’ve seen this way all along, —you’ve just overlooked so much for such a long time, but at last, you can see clearly now

Love hits and you breathe differently. You breathe like you did when we were kids and felt excited enough to do something simple, like stay up late with popcorn to watch a movie. You breathe as if your heart has a brand new unleashed quality about it. You feel so free but yet so completely captivated by this one beautiful thing.

Love comes along and you feel this buzzing sensation, as if the vibration machine in you has been switched on, and nothing could ever turn this off. The windings to the gears in your heart have been spun so tightly for so long, and at last, love has come to spring the windings so that your dials can spin freely

And that, my friend, is why you have butterflies in your stomach. Love hits and it’s wonderful. It’s building inside. The tension is beautiful but also incredible because you wonder what just happened. And you’re afraid too (am I right?)

You think of ways to “Be cool,” or draw back so not to frighten anyone, but the love you feel won’t let you do anything but charge forward. You find yourself excited over the smallest things. And you think about this thing you have in your heart. You think about this and you smile. And smile so much you want to climb up to the tallest of tall buildings in New York City and scream, “I’m in love!” And I swear it’s like being a kid again. But more it’s like being saved. The cage you were in is open now. And it is frightening to step out (I know) but you feel the wind on your face and the sun on your skin—and it’s as if the world you’ve always wished for has finally come to you. And you’re excited. You’re frightened. You’re nervous too, and you find yourself saying things and doing things that you would never usually do. But it’s love. At last, it’s love and next your heartbeat is like a charging locomotive that can do nothing else except move full speed ahead.

And I have news for you; even if you wanted to pull back, you couldn’t put your foot on the brakes. There is no turning back. Not now. You’re in love and your love draws you in to uncharted territory, which is exhilarating to you, and you’re hooked.  You’re caught. You’re snagged and there is no getting away from it.

Stronger men have tried to run, but when love hits, knees weaken, and when love touches, all the fears are forgotten. Stronger women have tried so hard to deny themselves, but when love smiled and when love walked through a doorway to enter a room, try as they might, all it took is one word and even the coldest heart was melted by her one true love

Suddenly, work doesn’t seem to matter as much. In fact, nothing seems to matter as much. It’s a drug, I say.  Love is absolutely a drug.
Love hits and you feel like a kid. You meet someone and you wish you could rewind the decades so you could walk with that someone when you came home from school.

You want to walk somewhere with them. You want to be someplace special where no one 11209424_1055406997810720_7674636527667902070_nelse is around. And you take them to the beach and you walk along an empty shoreline, just fascinated by everything around you.

I say this again—love is the most miraculous drug of all. Once we feel it, and by feeling it, I mean once we feel that true kind of love; I mean the kind of love that electrifies us, I mean the kind that makes you smile that kid-like smile that won’t go away, and the kind that enters your mind and takes place of everything else; once we feel this kind of love, there’s no turning back. We feel strong, yet weak. We feel silly enough to stay awake on the phone for hours or simply lay awake in bed, lying with our eyes upwards against the flatness of the ceiling to regard this concept of love. We want to hold on to the minutes as tightly as we can grip them because this thing in our heart is very real, and because it’s real, we want to feel every second this has to offer.

Love is a very specific drug, firing off inside the mind to alleviate the lonely past and recreate the dreams of your future. Above all, love is the best pain killer Love takes effect, and sometimes, you’re afraid to move left or right. You’re afraid to judge the time or the speed to make that next phone call because you don’t want to smother a beautiful connection. You’re afraid, yes, but the fear is overwhelmed by the overwhelming feelings in your heart.

Love hits and your concerns change. You’re just not worried about the same things anymore. Your previous selfishness becomes selfless and free. Love hits and the impact is enough to devastate everything that ever crushed you.

And be mindful . . .
Love hits hard, but nothing hits harder than love at first sight. That’s when you know for sure that all I’ve reported to you is true.

You know because you see love’s face and all these thoughts; all of the stirring, all crazy feelings and all of the madness in your heart replaces all of your old worries. You consider more than a million new thoughts in less than a second.
The ex in your life is forgotten and nearly nameless. Love hits and when you see love’s face, you start to envision this love in different parts of your life. You imagine your life now that you have what you’ve always missed, and now that you have it, you can’t see yourself living any other way.

Love hits. And you’re scared. You’re scared because you don’t want to lose the high. You don’t want your endorphins to rest. You don’t want anything to change or fade or vanish.
Keep in mind, there is a reason why they call drugs, “A fix.” They say it because the drug temporarily fixes what’s broken, but with a fix like this. —you don’t ever want to come down

Love hits, and by love, I mean the unbelievable kind. I mean the immeasurable kind; I mean the sort of love that tingles inside and you can’t think straight. You can’t of anyone of anything else, and at the same time, you don’t want to.
Love hits like a fix through the veins. Only, instead of just fixing the problems in your mind, love hits to fix the problems in your heart.

dandelion-seedsYour eyes are open now.
You can see clearly.
And that’s good.
Just don’t be afraid to hold on

I know that lights are bright right now and you’re afraid to be blindsided by something unexpected because, let’s face it, that’s what we think happens because, “We’re used to it.” Right? We’re used to the fall but not the high (At least, not this kind of high) so we prepare for the fall instead of enjoy the moment we have now.

The greatest and bravest thing anyone could ever do is follow their heart. And it isn’t always easy. And it isn’t always fair and it doesn’t always happen when we want it it to. But it does happen and when love hits, you can’t ever let it go.

Trust me on this . . .


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