Operation Depression: From The Ground Up Ch. 14

That Thanksgiving on the farm with Mom and The Old Man was nice. There was something to the occasion that made the day more than just another holiday.
We were happy. The Old Man was happy with me and so was Mom. For the first time in a long time, my parents were proud.
There was no trouble. No one was looking for me. There was no reason to excuse myself from the table, to hide something, or to leave the house. This was a reward to me; however, this is where the battle of depressive thinking comes in to disrupt the victory. These are the thoughts that would discount the reward and downplay my achievements.

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I think they call this human nature but it amazes me how simple it is to complicate the easiest things. We fall off somehow. We give way to distraction, which is hardly real and often imaginary.
We mistake want for needs and need for wants. We think too much. That’s right.
We think too much—and what do people suggest to help us?

Try not to think so much.

Is it that simple?

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