I think they call this human nature but it amazes me how simple it is to complicate the easiest things. We fall off somehow. We give way to distraction, which is hardly real and often imaginary.
We mistake want for needs and need for wants. We think too much. That’s right.
We think too much—and what do people suggest to help us?

Try not to think so much.

Is it that simple?

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A Heartfelt Thought: No Apologies

When I was young, I swore I would never grow old.
I made a promise to myself that I would never be like them.
I said this with an emphasis on the word, “Them:” to define my contempt.

I never wanted to grow old or forget myself.
I never wanted to be lost in the land of status whores
Or lost to my own contempt or lost to my resentment as a result of my insecurity. I swore, I wanted to be strong, if not stronger.

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Happy Fourth of July From Me To You

Dear America,
I have not forgotten you or what you mean to me. Along with millions, I celebrate you today. I think of the ways we honor you. I think of the barbecues and the cookouts. I think of the parks and recreational places where people gather on days like this. I also think about this day and the way we were when we were younger and a much younger country. I think about our purity and how our youthfulness was everything to us at one point.

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More From Day Four: Imperial Beach San Diego, California

Hypnosis is truly helpful. Self hypnosis is also helpful and easily achieved by following a simple script.
Find yourself someplace comfortable. Sit comfortably or lay in a relaxed position. Find your best position without your legs or your arms crossed . Before this starts, it is important to disregard any of the outside sounds. or touching in any way. Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax.

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