quiet poetry

Sunday, Labor Day Weekend 8/31/14

It is a quiet day to end the summer.
There is no sun and gray clouds blanket the sky.
There has been no rain yet,
but the smell in the air says that rain is on its way.

Though not officially,
tomorrow is the commercial end of the season.

After this weekend, the beaches will empty.
The waves will continue,
but without the bodies lining the shoreline,
the sound of waves crashing Continue reading

Paying it forward

People often say, “Don’t get old,” and they say this as if we have a choice.
They say, “If you do get old, then don’t get old and sick,” and again, people will say this as if we have a choice in the matter. But we don’t.
Next is, “Don’t ever get old and sick. But if you do get old and sick, don’t get old and sick and be poor.”
I suppose that’s all good advice.

My mother falls into the “Old” category and with five diseases in her spine; I think she falls into the “Sick” category as well.
She does not have the money she once did, nor does she Continue reading

Goodbye Letter

When I arrived at your facility, I was still shaky at best. I was not sober for very long and the whispering urges were still with me. So was the attitude and so were scams that come with every wise-ass kid trying to prove himself. I weighed just over 100lbs and my skin was beginning to come back to a natural color. My eyes were sunken with dark rings beneath them and my ribs poked from the sides of my body. I was not ready to give up my addiction and I was even less willing Continue reading

in memory: a lesson from the farm

I sat in the back pew of an upstate church with the February sun leaking in through the stained glass windows. The room was cold and empty. The wooden benches were cold to the touch and the silence was loud enough to make my ears ring.
My hands were cold because the heat was turned down. My thoughts were scattered and my stomach growled because my breakfast was only half-portioned.
Outside, the sky was a brilliant shade of winter blue with long faded strips of Continue reading

a small getaway

I want to sit in my car, turn the key, and take you to small place in a quiet town. I want to go beyond the tall city buildings and away from the hustling grind of the everyday businesses, away from the senseless chatter of meaningless complaints, and away from the everyday energies that drain us from our dreams. I want to drive over the George Washington Bridge and through the valleys and mountains that make our upstate drives as scenic as they are.

I want to drive along I-80 into the State of Continue reading

A Way to the Heart

I believe in the healing power of a home cooked meal. I say there is nothing as heartwarming or welcoming as a table filled with plates of food, because food is love, and aside from the nutritional value is the beautiful gesture that comes during its preparation.
Some of my warmest memories are linked to great meals. Some of the memories are from crowded family tables and some are more intimate and candlelit. Like the time I made acorn squash, mashed with butter and sweetened with brown sugar. I plated this with chicken and served it as the first meal I ever prepared for the girl that became my wife.

Food is love . . .

After a long day at work, I had the kind of day that left my bones aching and my Continue reading

butterflies and the times

I began my shift at 5:00 this morning, and like most days, I started with a cup of coffee, a long stretch, which followed with a loud yawn, and then I changed out of my clothes and into my uniform. I grabbed my tools and did the best I could to wipe the sleep from my face. I was stationed on the 11th floor and waiting for the water to drain from the building’s sprinkler system.
After running through different stairwells and shutting different valves, it was time to drain, and wait for the repairs.

One of the interesting facts of my location is the building was completed in 1927. It was the tallest building in the world . . . for six months. And sometimes after demolition, I find things tucked in Continue reading

A quick morning thought.

This morning, I sat on a bench on the platform where the morning train carries its share of bodies into a constantly moving city. I faced south because the south side was the sun’s side. Its early orange globe began its hike above the morning horizon, and other than a few strips of pastel clouds, the sky was beautiful and clear.
Below at street level, Sunrise Highway scattered with an early version of life, which would soon congest with traffic, and angry drivers behind steering wheels would complain about other drivers on their cell phones and curse at the rearview mirror about the cars that tailgate behind them.
Continue reading