A Witness Through the Window – Entry 16

This trip will be a little different today –
This will take us around the world and back again, from youth to the present. To be clear, I think this trip was necessary for me. I think this will help us build some understanding between us about why we say things and why people lie.

I can remember the first time I ever heard the quote, “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.” This comes from Mark Twain.
The quote continues, “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”
I think I get it.

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A Witness Through the Window: Entry 15

This one comes without apology and, to be clear, I have had the great pleasure of working with and being in the presence of the greatest people in the world. To them, what I am about to say will make sense.
There are times when my emotions are high and times before I speak or do a presentation that I can feel the burning inside of me. I can feel a rage that’s about to burst and sometimes, I will express this in a way as if to say the crowd is in trouble, which means I am going to explode. On a few occasions, there were speakers before me who either misspoke or misused information or, for whatever the reason, might have been their presentation or something about their demeanor either hurt or offended me. Sometimes, like now, my emotions are high before my speaking engagements to which I would then turn to the person closest to me and say, “They’re dead!”

I will look to my trusted, most closest people and they can see it in my eyes.
They know where this comes from which is not a bad place at all. No, quite the opposite. This is me trying to right the wrongs of our crazy thought patterns that cause us to work against each other.
So, with this being explained, I will continue and explain that the following will need to connect with your imagination.
Again, there will be no apologies for the emotions to come.
So, here we go.

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A Witness Through the Window – Entry 14

I assume that like most people, I have places in my life that are more like special sanctuaries or places of reverence than anything else. These are places that lead me toward feelings of comfort or solace. I come here when I need comfort or a place to go to think or find understanding, which is odd because I come here most when the place is empty.
I assume everyone has or needs a place like this. Well, I have a few places like this.
Like the beach for example. Or more specifically, the beach at Point Lookout. I have seen this place in every phase of my life. I have been here in my earliest memory. I have walked here in the winter time and in the spring, in the fall and, of course, I have been here when the sands are filled with bodies on blankets, laying out to let the sun toast the skin.

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A Witness Through the Window – Entry 12

I am about to take you to a view from a different time and as I mention this, it is timely that I write this to you now in the early days of December.
I say this because I am reminded of a time when I was living on a farm at the age of 17.
See me? I’m the one over there.
I have short hair now. I am cleaned up but still rather thin. I am fresh from the toxic world with only a few months into this idea of what it means to “stay clean” and be out of trouble.
I am not sure of my surroundings. Of course, since my surroundings were somewhat of a therapeutic community, I had to go along to get along.

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A Witness Through The Window – Entry 11

Before going forward, I want to say here and now, To Hell With Doubt!
Here’s why:
The one thing I know without any mercy or hesitation is that doubt is contagious. This is easy to catch too. It’s easy because doubt is plentiful; it’s everywhere you look and everywhere you turn.
It’s on every corner. It’s in the hallways outside the classrooms at school. Doubt is in the boardrooms at work and woven into the social structures with laces of fear and insecurity.

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A Witness Through the Window – Entry 10

There are so many different versions of me, which took place at different times. Of course, there is the younger version of me. There is the scared version and the anxious version. There is the angry version of me and the unhealthy side too.
Not to mention, there is a gentle side and an empathetic side. There is the part of me which has healed and another part of me which has forgiven my trespasses as well as a part that has forgiven those who’ve trespassed against me.

There were days when I was at the top of the crest, riding the waves of luck or good fortune and, of course, there were days when I crushed and tumbled inwards like a wave that crashes into rocks.
There were times when life was calm and other times when life was tumultuous like an angry sea in the center of a miserable storm – yet, in the thick of the storm, there was this part of me who was a witness, staring at the aftermath and looking at the life that was right in front of me.

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A View Through the Window – Entry 9

We are going to rewind for the moment.
For now, we are going to go back to the importance of school and learning the basic relevance of socialization.
What I am about to say is nothing new, nor is this something that I and countless other people have said before.

Same as it is important to learn how to read and write in school, we also learn the different values of socialization in the classes or in the hallways. It is important to note that our learning institutions are more than history and science.
Oh, but wait, I think science is a good word to use here. I think school and the science of our pathology is important to note, especially when it comes to learning how to live or interact.

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A View Through the Window – Entry 8

We are going to fast forward for a moment and bring you up to a more current speed. This comes from a time of only a few years back. I am older now, of course. Fully grown as an adult with the same responsivities as anyone else. I pay taxes. I have a job – more than one.
I am nervous, however, because I am about to do something I had never really done before – at least, not like this.
I am going to take you to the time when I did what I consider to be my first real presentation.

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A View Through The Window: Entry 7

We are moving now, you and me, through a time capsule of sorts. On our way, we are seeing different stations of my life that range from childhood to the teen years. We can stop here for now at the confusing years and the troubled years. As we go, there is special notice of people and how they live or who they choose to live with.
There are the questions that young people have about life and love; or is love real. If so, how does this happen? Then of course, there are the challenges of and ideas of intimate curiosities which are not necessarily the focus at this stop, but I am sure we will get there soon.

I am starting to grow now. Can you see me?
Perhaps not so much physically. I am still smaller than most people but my hair has grown long. I am facing new things and new ideas. I am young but not so young, which means my age is distant from the times when I believed in faith or hope or things like Santa or the Tooth-fairy. I am a mid-teen now.
See me? 

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