This Is About The Other Side Of Things

There seems to be a lot of public outcry for different awareness programs, but before going forward, I want to be very clear that the details that I am about to express are very real to me. However, I also want it to express that the ideas and emotions I will be sharing are not the same thoughts and emotions I have now.
Please understand that while going forward, I am writing this to help shed a different light of awareness and to help others understand depression and the struggles with suicide. Keep in mind; this is Continue reading

Written Out Of Frustration

The sameness between most is the attitude you see in any punk kid off the street. They all think they have it. They all think they’ve found the edge, which makes them an outlaw of some kind or a gangster in their own mind. And you can tell when the attitude is real or just an act from a rookie. You can tell by look in their eyes and the things they say.
It goes back to an old saying about tough guys which says, “Those that do, don’t and those that don’t, do.” What this means is a tough guy never has to warn anybody.
A gangster doesn’t have to brag or draw attention to himself; instead, the real outlaw sits in silence enjoys the wealth of his anonymity. The real ones are the ones you would never know were Continue reading

About My First Climb

We set forth on a walk outside and up the mountain during the early hours of the day. It was me and my closest friend. It was at the hour of daybreak in the midst of a heatwave. The journey had hardly begun and already the air was thick and the sweat was building up. There was little to say at the time. There was only the incline ahead of us which picked up quickly.
The trail led us in Continue reading

About Mom

Written for L.K. and Family

The dictionary defines the word, “Mom,” as the informal version of the word, “Mother.” But I think there is more to it than that. A mother by definition is the female parent. Mother is a term of address for the woman regarded in status and the functional role of the female parent.
But a Mom; to us, a Mom is everything. Mom is the Continue reading

From In The Classroom: A New Plan for Parents

There needs to be a change. We need to find a new angle, but more importantly, we need to work together in order to find it. Above all, we need to become a community again and understand what it means to have a sense of civic responsibility. We cannot look to blame or find fault anymore.
I would like to see a change in the dynamic when it comes to the way we treat mental illness. More accurately, and more importantly, I would like to see a change in the way we Continue reading

Below The Bar

It was the last winter of my former self. I was in the basement of a corner bar in a little strip mall next to the 7-11 store at the corner of Front Street and Merrick. It was late and somewhere after 1:00am during a cold, mid-winter rainstorm. I was not too far from my home where my mother and father slept. My brother, the hall of fame athlete, the rock star, the hero, and a name that was amongst the most popular of my town was elsewhere in the world. He Continue reading

The Weight

There are several things that can weigh us down. This is true. There is more than just the weight of the body and sometimes, the weight of the mind can be the heaviest weight to bear.
There was a place somewhere up along Route 17 and far away from the city life, far from the places I knew, and far from the people I knew and the things I did which kept me sick. I call this place The Farm. It was here on a farm in the upstate New York Mountains that I underwent a change for the better. This is where I was stripped of my image. I was removed from my Continue reading