Love Prose

About Love—
They say love comes along when you least expect to.
And then one day, there she is.
She appears out of nowhere
standing in front of me, unexpectedly,
and suddenly, life changes in a way
which I had never thought possible.

Suddenly, all that was is no longer.
All the pain from the past
and all the previous concerns
have vanished
gone . . .
Like, as in thin air
Or, gone as though
I forgot yesterday even existed

The page has turned and together,
we move on to the next chapter.
And suddenly, this is us . . .

Nothing in the world exists except for us.
Literally, no one exists, —except us
and now that we have us
and now that word, “Us” is the meaning
behind you and me,
it seems as though the time before us
is also something that no longer exists.

At last, the life we lived though makes sense
because all of what we went through
we destined for us to live though
so that finally, at last,
I can be with you

And no one else knows what this is like—
No one else can feel what we feel
or see what we see.

Love hits us, and suddenly,
we think with a new mind.
We feel this in our heart.
We feel it in our mind and in our soul.

Deep down, there is nothing else in the world
except for us.
When love hits, it hits us hard,
and all of our previous obstacles
evaporate into nothingness.

Love comes along
and nothing in the world
can stand in our way
because this has become our strength.

This has become our courage.
Our love is our lifeline
because the truth is
we have waited lifetimes for this to come—
and now that this has come,
nothing in the world
can ever take you away from me.

This is why love is blind . . .
it is blind because our vision used to be scattered
and now we can see.
And now that we can see
our vision is not focused on anything else
(Except us)
and all that surrounds
us is blurred
and irrelevant

Love is ageless
it defies all odds and heals all wounds.
Love can cure anything, even death,
because even the mournful loss is only comforted
by the one truth that still, love exists

And if I were to ever be denied by time or distance,
or by life itself, I know that my love
is the kind that will reach you
from even the furthest corners of the universe.

Above all,
love is a living, breathing,
exchange between two people.
It is an agreement.
It’s a pact.
and it is the ability to survive at all

So remember . . .
if a time comes when I am unable to stand by your side;
no matter where you go
no matter where you are
and no matter where I may be,

My love will reach you








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