We walked through the empty sands during a cold morning on the first day of the New Year.  My daughter and I were alone and the sun was bright. The tide was on its way in and the waves curled into the shore, crashing and echoing into the surf, and then tumbling over the broken clam shells before returning to them to the ocean.

I held her onto her hand, which was half Continue reading

pill bottles

So, I come from a generation of excess.
But then again….so did you
I was raised on the idea of more, and if one was good
then two is better, and if two is better,
then four must be incredible,

Blue pills pass through me
and the machine softens the membrane
to enact the perfect ensemble
of mind, body and soul       (So I can rest)

The sound of Continue reading

poem about temptation

The beast in my imagination has changed throughout the years.
He has changed his clothes and the way he speaks.
He switched his language and altered his scream to the sound of perfect whispers.
The beast in my imagination has matured; he changed his game
and learned how to disguise his tricks

Some think the beast is worse when he growls or shows his teeth.
But I don’t. I think he is strongest when he smiles
That’s when I know something is in the mail

It means something is on the way.
It means I lost my step, and the beast in my imagination
found a different way to spread his wings.

My beast is like the serpent in The Garden of Eden, always suggesting, and always questioning the truth with doubts and curiosity.

“The fruit from that tree must be really good if it’s forbidden.
You should taste it,” he says.

But I’m not supposed to, I tell him.
“Whose gonna know?” he laughs.
“There’s no one here but you and me…..”