This One Is From Letters:

Heading out early this morning, but first, I wanted to reach out to you and acknowledge the day. Somehow, we grow older and time sort of blends into a flat surface of memory. We confuse days and weeks or the times when things happen. It seems the older I am, the more I confuse the when and where of what happened and the years gone by are faded away, almost like a story that I lived through but feel as if it happened to someone else.
I can’t say I remember any of my Birthdays, except one, and even that memory is so distant and faded. I was 13 years-old, which, in our life is an important time because according to our tribes in the Old Testament, this the age that acknowledges the birth of manhood.
I can’t say I remember Continue reading

A Reason “WHY”


I was listening to people talk about the recent news of a man who decided to take his own life.
“But how,” they asked.
“How could someone like him do something like that?”

I never met the man in question. I can only tell of my personal experience. I can tell you what happened in my case with hopes that by exposing my truth, this explanation might possibly be enough to raise awareness and educate those who are affected. Also, in my effort to explain, I am hoping that this might reach a special someone, and they will know someone else felt Continue reading

A letter

I’m not sure what I remember when I look back. It seems as though lifetimes have gone between then and now, you and me, and all the years we’ve seen together or apart have changed us with age and distance.
You are somewhere far now. You’re somewhere in a place I cannot see or understand. And all I have are these notes I send to reach you—hoping that somehow, you know what I’ve been trying to say and the need to explain myself will subside to the understanding that in some way, you’ve seen all the things I needed you to see.

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The God Thing

I never thought much about the different concepts of God. All I knew is the lessons I was raised with. I was told there is a God and I was taught about my religion. I assigned myself to the religion of my upbringing, but at the same time, I never knew what to believe and aside from this, I never examined my thoughts on God.
I was raised in a Jewish household in a mainly Irish/Catholic, Roman/Catholic, anti-Semitic town. I was told I was different.
We were Jews and I mean this in the negative sense of the word. When I say we were Jews, I mean were part of a race that when the word was said, the pronunciation made this description sound dirty, as if it were an adjective instead of a noun. I never understood why this was. All I knew Continue reading