About The Theft

“Stealing us was the smartest thing they ever did. Too bad they don’t teach the truth to their kids.” Saul Williams~

Williams said that in one of his poems. In this case, Williams was referring to racism. But as I see it, we’ve all been stolen. I know I was stolen more than a thousand times and racism had nothing to do with it. We’ve all been stolen in different ways and for different reasons. Sometimes the theft was a bit more unexpected and sometimes, we it was about to happen.
I once told you in many cases, there are no Continue reading

The Underdog

I watched a tape of an old fight where the underdog came in with the odds against him, no shot at a victory, no chance to walk out with his hand raised, and in all likelihood, the underdog would not only lose, but he was predicted to lose in the worst possible way. I suppose no one told the underdog this. Or, maybe they did tell him and the underdog decided not to listen and he showed anyway because shortly after the bell for the first round, the favored champ took one on the chin and then the champ went down
The problem after this Continue reading

love and hate

I once wrote to you explaining the depth of my love is equal to the span of my hate. And I still believe this is true. I believe that love and hate are the same energy, but they split in two different directions.
There was a winter night during the Christmas season. I was young, numb to the world and neither angry or afraid. As I saw it, I felt the way I preferred to feel; impenetrable, callous, neither enthused nor uuenthused, and whatever happened—I suppose this is what clinicians would Continue reading

From The Daddy Diaries

I was small and very young. It was cold outside and the sun had yet to show. The Old Man was already awake and he came into my room to wake me up. I dressed warmly with long johns beneath my clothes, doubled up on my pairs of socks to keep my little toes from freezing, and I stuffed myself in layers of sweatshirts before The Old Man stuffed me in my puffy blue down jacket with mittens to match.

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The Pedestal Problem

Beware the pedestal problem . . .
The problem with putting anyone up on a pedestal is one day, we learn they’re human. And to be human means we come with flaws and imperfections. No one is above this. But in the most vulnerable moments and at the weakest of times; there are people who will appear to have all the answers. They are the ones that seem to work an impeccable program and live the perfect life. We see them as miracles.
And it’s normal to look up to someone; it’s good to feel Continue reading

A Letter to Mom

There was a phone call from the day before about a woman on the verge of losing her husband. She is a kind woman that lived a full life, a mother, a wife, and she is also a friend. I learned about this while on a shift at work. Although the hours were long and shift was busy, as asked, I sat down to write a few words to my friend to help her in this transition.
I wrote about life and the understanding of death. I wrote about the comforts of the soul and how since energy can neither be created nor destroyed —life is energy; therefore life can never Continue reading

Note To Parents and Loved Ones: Awareness

I was waiting at an airport in Raleigh North Carolina on a flight that had been delayed for several hours. I was anxious to come home and anxious to see my family. I had so much to write about and much to do but the airport gods intercepted my plans while experiencing a series of mechanical problems. Needless to say, all I could do is wait. Meanwhile at the gate, some of the other passengers complained. Some sat quietly or talked amongst themselves. Others like me took to their own ways of occupying the wait time.
The occupied seats around mine were somewhat filled with travelers, but the flight was not overly crowded by any means. However, whether quietly or outwardly upset, everyone was Continue reading

Note To Parents:

A long time ago, I walked through the double-door entryway of an old white, center-hall colonial home that was perhaps built long before my oldest known relative was born or before they even arrived at Ellis Island. With the dining room to the left and a slightly rounded, sweeping stairway to the left, a hallways led straight towards the back where the adolescents waited for their group to end. And me, well, all I kept wondering is what would have Continue reading

The Cutting Problem

My first encounter came on without reason or without warning. I was in my room, alone (as usual) with an entire world right outside my bedroom door. My mother was somewhere in the house doing mother things. The Old Man, my Father, was working like most working fathers do. I was a small boy and always smaller than everyone else. I was skinny too—I was painfully thin, to be exact. I was Continue reading