Three things I’ve Learned

  1. The things we say

Sometimes we say words without understanding their meaning. And I mean this with simple words that are easily defined. Take the word, “Always” for example. Always is a very long time. So are the words, “Forever,” and “Never,” but yet we say these words to reflect a sentiment.
For example: You never get over your first love. Or how about the promise, “You can always count on me.”?  Or, how many times, I have you said I will always remember this lesson, forever, and I will never forget what I went through—but yet, somehow, that promise we made fell short because in the interim between the incident and accident—we forgot ourselves. In some cases, The words, “I will never do this again,” only last a few hours.

By the way, do you remember the first time you drank too much and threw up? You thought you were on top of the world (at first) until the world fell out from under you.
Do you remember the bed-spins and how you could feel the Earth turning beneath without mercy?
Meanwhile, your arms are wrapped around a toilet bowl, face plunged in the middle while violently regurgitating the once fun remnants of your night. And all you can say or think to yourself is how, “I will NEVER do this again,” but yet, the word “Never” only lasts until the next night when you went out with your buddies.

I think we say things and we may mean them at the time, but more, words said out of sentiment or seldom accurate or honest.

I have encountered friends (or at least I thought they were) and we swore we would always keep in touch. Turns out, “Always” wasn’t such a long time at all

2. Read directions. (God, I hate Ikea furniture)

I spent nearly an hour taking apart a computer table with directions that called for a 15 minute assembly on the box, which I suppose was accurate, because after I took apart the wrong pieces put and went back to the beginning, I put the small computer table together in less than 10.
Now, in fairness to me, I was not the person that assembled this in the first place; however, I am equally as guilty of not reading directions or following instructions. I spent nearly an entire summer installing automatic faucets in the bathrooms of an office building during the weekend. I easily installed over 200 of them. Well, it wasn’t easy at first.

At first, I thought I could just slap the parts together because of course, “I know better,” but I was wrong and much like the computer table, I had to take things apart just to place them together again.
Sometimes we think we are so smart. And sometimes, we are too smart for our own good.

Truth is the really smart ones are the ones willing to take the extra step and read the directions—this way they won’t waste time on mistakes or waste their breath on cursing the mother of Ikea or the bathroom faucet gods.

Life comes with directions and instructions, but yet, somehow in our infinite wisdom we always think we are either too smart or too stupid to use them. Imagine how much easier things would be if we simply followed directions. Least of all, imagine how it would be easier to put together furniture. Although, in fairness to my argument, some furniture instructions are terrible, and with all my heart I swear, there is someone, somewhere, drawing them up in some foreign factory, and laughing about how “Those crazy bastards will never figure this one out!”

3. Humans are crazy people

Human expectation is a relative thing. What I see as obvious might only be obscure to someone else. And, what I find as troublesome might be easy to someone else.
The way we see things might differ. This is not a “Better or Worse” thing. No, it’s just a “Different” thing.

Even if we see the same thing or witness the same phenomenon at the same time; this doesn’t always mean we will process this the same way. Also, just because we have the same dream; this doesn’t mean we will always have the same drive to achieve it.

I have my path and you have yours. And it’s good that we meet each other along the way. There is a reason for this, I’m sure of it.
Things happen for a reason—I know this is true, however, whether I appreciate the reasons or not is an entirely different issue.

Life comes with lessons. And some of those lessons can be a bitch sometimes.
trust me, I know all about it . . .
Sometimes, reality can be a painful thing. But let’s be mindful: pain can be an excellent motivator.

Understand something too: Realism and skepticism is not the same thing as pessimism and cynicism. So be mindful that the best kept secrets are the secrets never told. And while some people are good at their word, others are less dependable.

So whether we use words like, “Always,” or “Forever,” and even when people promise us things like, “I would NEVER tell anybody,” just remember the words always, forever, and never are things that happen for a really long time.

I never thought I would get over the shame of a few losses
But I did

I never thought I would split up with certain people in my life
But I did

In the hardest points of my life and in the deepest sorrows, lamenting and angry about the problems at hand or a self-induced outcome—I swore this feeling would never go away (but it did) and I swore that I would always feel the way I was (But I don’t)

Along the way thought my life, I have been given suggestions, recommendations, directions, and instructions, but yet somehow, I always think I know a way that seems easier. Either that, or, somewhere in my brilliant mind, I say to myself, “:Yeah, but those rues don’t really apply to me bacause, I’m different.”
But then I go back to the same problems we have with our furniture fiascoes and there we are, alone and sitting in a pile of mess with scattered parts and missing pieces, wondering what the hell went wrong and what we did to deserve this punishment. And it’s tough because in the aftermath, we find ourselves in heartbreak, wishing we’d have listened when we were warned, and regretting the fact that in our best thinking, we truly thought we knew better.

These are life’s lessons and sometimes . . .
these lessons can be a bitch

Know what I mean?



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