Just to write….

The best time to take a drive is early in the morning. I was heading west on Hempstead Turnpike. The sun arrived behind me in the east and splashed its reflection across the glass buildings on Glenn Curtis Blvd.
The roads were empty with the exception of a few cars, driving in different lanes, and filtering through the traffic lights.
My only company was the radio, and as I enjoyed the Continue reading

just prose

Look at me now…
I live in a home with a few dogs. I have a family. I have rugs on the floor. I have a kitchen and a fridge with food. The heat works in the wintertime, and in the summer, my air conditioners keep the house cool.
There are pictures on the wall, a few paintings, and some mirrors.
I have a shelf with Continue reading

Three Verses



It is morning in our millennium
The sun has yet to rise and burn through the fog.
I suppose I could be sleeping …..but of course….. I’m not.

Instead, I am on a train
I am looking through the window and watching the glowing streetlamps,
which look like blurry halos in the misty haze,
and they fade in the distance as my train pulls me farther from my home.

The sky is more charcoal now than dark.
My eyes are tired.
I could close them, but…

I never sleep on the train.

My back is towards my direction
my face is away from my destination
and my heart is somewhere else
…probably lying on her side, sleeping, and hopefully dreaming of me.


They say you can hear the ocean if you put a seashell to your ear.
I say that’s good.
This way, you can put a seashell next to your ear and hear where my heart lives.

If you listen, you will hear the surf and imagine the seagulls.
You will picture the white foam that reaches the sand,
and the folding waves that return to the tides.

If you listen to this sound, repeatedly….
You will imagine the wintertime sand, still embedded with the footprints and the memories of summer’s warmth.
You will imagine me standing at the edge of the ocean, looking at the clouds above the water, as if they were the beard of God the Father, and the shoreline around me will be vacant.

I have no place more precious than this
but if you happen to find a seashell
put it up to your ear and I promise I will share it with you.


The sun has gone down over the city
The buildings have brightened their smiles with lights to accentuate the skyline.
It’s late on the Island of Manhattan
I could be sleeping …..but of course….. I’m not

My back is towards the Uptown
My face towards the Brooklyn Bridge, and same as when I left this morning,
my heart is probably lying on her side, sleeping, and hopefully dreaming of me.