Once we establish heat between us,
there is no place warmer than this:

I imagine you, so often…..
your eyes close as my lips press against yours
Your skin is soft                      Your voice is gentle

I envision you lying on your side
while curling
naked beneath the sheets.
Your eyes twinkle in the candlelight and your smile
represents the remnant of wine at the bottom of your glass.

The way you lay shows anticipation,
and the way
you watch me shows your desire
I like that….

I love these versions of you, which I keep with me
I collect them like photographs and use them in my dreams.
I use them as I imagine how it feel to cruise along your body

…..and explore every inch, every piece, every curve

Forgive me if my jaw clinches.
This only means I want you.
And if I growl, it means I feel like a carnivore,
or a hunter–and you
are my beautiful game.

But do not mistake my dominance
I can be as gentle as I am wild
I could switch from hard and aggressive
to soft and gentle

Once we have established the connection between us –
the possibilities are endless




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