A Poem of Independence

I am a firm believer in man’s ability to improve.
First and foremost, if I am to improve,
then first and foremost,
I must be willing to improve.

By any means,
I must be willing to withstand the breaks,

the falls, and setbacks.
If I am to improve, then I must improve
and understand the consecutive steps
that come with change.

Furthermore, I must be willing
to take each step as they come.
If I am to change, then I am to be relentless
in my decision to be one step better
than the steps I took yesterday.
I must be two steps better than the day before
because this process is unending,
and so shall I be relentlessly unending

Improving . . .

First and foremost, if I am to improve,
then first and foremost
I must understand

intent without action is meaningless.

Nothing ever changes without action.

Without action, my intention becomes dormant.
Without action, my thoughts become like weeds
which strangle and suffocate my dream’s
and ability to blossom or flower.

To improve, I must heartily remain
consistent and persistent
in my actions.

I cannot falter or sway.
I cannot waver because of doubt
or degrade myself
by giving in to fear.

First and foremost,
I must understand that feelings and thought
are not always fact.
More often, thoughts are fiction.
And if I give in, I cannot rely on my ability to improve
if I give in to the distractions of fiction

In the steps and stages of change
I must realize there is only one direction
and that direction is moving forward.

All I have learned,
I learned this here on Project Earth . . .

In the darker moments of my life,
I sat in a self-induced loneliness 
-watching the world go by
-counting down
as windows of opportunity diminish

in number and size.

Somewhere along the way, I lost myself.
I lost to the imprisonment of my own thoughts
which is what betrayed me
and my ability to improve.

I lost myself to the purgatory of obscurity.  
I lost to my own misconceptions.
I lost to the inaccurate perception of who I was,
how I wanted to be—and more importantly, I
lost myself to the unimportant concern
of how I am perceived by others.

I lost myself to the institutions of wealth.
I lost and gave in.

Faithlessly, helpless
and hopelessly lost

In the genesis of my own redemption
I must first and foremost
learn to redefine my position here on Project Earth.

I can no longer be the sum of my fears.
To improve I must become the accumulation of self-respect.

To improve, I must understand and determine
the difference between wealth and value
because not everything valuable is worthy
and not everything worthy has value.

If I am to improve
then I must improve my position
and my position cannot consist of doing the same thing,
day after day,
while expecting different results
because that, as they say . . .
is the definition of insanity.

Whereas, I hold my truths to be self-evident
I am created equally by my creator
with unalienable rights;
that among these are life,
and the pursuit of my own happiness
to which no government or social structure
can ever take away.

In the genesis of my own redemption
and in the light of personal independence
first and foremost,
I must first and foremost
become independent of all that hold me back.
I must react with action
because without action

absolutely nothing changes

ever . . .





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