Prose From the Soul: A Season Away

I think about small towns
and scenes of gymnasiums in public schools
with banners and flags and little streamers of school spirit.

I think of this in comparison
to one of those old Norman Rockwell photos,
taken and drawn from when life was safe
and all was presumed innocent before proven guilty.

I think about Boy Scouts’ uniforms and kids
with their fathers
making little wooden cars
that race along little wooden tracks.

I think about these kids
dressed in their snappy little uniforms
where outside, a huge American flag
waves from the flagpole
in the center of the elementary school’s lawn.

This was our apple pie
This was our banner of innocence
and illustration of our establishment.

I think about the dignity of our dreams
and the necessity of purity,
which has changed throughout the years.

I think about the readiness for wintertime
and the preparation for Santa Claus;
the decorations take over the town
and all of a sudden,
everything is decorated in red bows and tinsel,
flashing lights, candy canes
and gingerbread houses  

I think of this and the good tidings
and the wishes of good will to all people.
I think about the eggnog and the caroling,
the snowy grounds and the Sunday morning mass
and the greetings which always led to someone saying,
“Peace be with you.”

I think about the goodness of people
or at least the posturized version of this –
or perhaps I should say
the commercialized version of this and still,
I think of this.
I think of the sound of choirs singing.
I think about the quiet peacefulness
of a winter’s night in a suburban bias
and little towns
where innocence still prevails
and good conquers all.

I think about the benefit of Santa’s list
and the children who believe so deeply. 

I think about the morning of Christmas day
and the exchange of gifts
and the excitement of those who unwrap their toys
or the smile of Moms or Dads
as they unwrap their gifts.

As of today, August 22, 2022,
there are 125 days until Christmas
And, for the record,
there is a number which anyone can call
and leave a message for Santa, himself.

I’ve been thinking . . .
I want to start making my Christmas list early this year.
I’ve been thinking
I know what I’ll ask for.

But I don’t know how to package it. Then again,
I don’t know if anyone could package this;
the innocence, the wishes of joy
and peace and good will to all people.

I don’t know why or where this came from.
I don’t know what triggered the old reoccurring dream
which takes place in my grade school,
where I am alone and moving through the hallways yet
I’m not walking.
This is more like hovering
and as I float through the hallways,
which I remember as my dreams go on –
The school is empty
the hallways are exactly as I remember them to be –
the marble, the little signs
and the banners of school spirit. 

I don’t know where this dream came from and
I don’t mind this at all –
it’s like Christmas came early this morning; until I woke up
and here it is
Monday morning – time to go

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