Confidence Booster

Great morning, this morning. I had the chance to do a phone interview with a client about to face an intense challenge.

I think about the way we interview for a better position or a brand new job. I think about the two sides of the table. I think about the interviewer and the one being interviewed. People tend to forget that interviews work both ways. The employer is looking for their best candidate. The candidate is looking for their best employment opportunity, which basically puts both sides on an even playing field. Put simply; the goal here is to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. I advised this during a focus on confidence coaching.

I was thinking about the mind and how it records our history. I was thinking of the inaccuracies of memory and how we give in to the intimidation of things which have not accurately happened.

I was thinking of the different times when I literally psyched myself out of competition. I was thinking about the internal conversation, which caused me to lose focus. I was thinking of jobs I had to do and how intimidating they seemed in the beginning. The reason for the difficulty is because I viewed them through emotional eyes. A tool is never intimidated by the job. Then again, a tool has no attachment to emotion. There is no pass of fail. Therefore, intimidation is on the operator and not the tool itself.

One thing we need to learn is that we are all perfectly capable. Often, we are more capable than we believe. However, we give in to intimidation. The truth is we can do anything if we just believe in our own equipment. We have to understand which tools to use because the tools handle the stress so the operator can finish the job. And that’s just it. Our mind is a big tool box. Sometimes, we need to just organize it clearly; this way, we know which tool to use.

There is a young boy I know. He beat stage 4 cancer before he reached the age of six. There was no room for doubt here. There was no room to lose focus. There were no shortcuts and no avoiding the work at hand.

First and foremost, there is nothing more intimidating than lost. And I’m sure you agree. Think about how we are when we think we lost our keys or our wallet. Think about the panic when people think they may have lost their cell phone. Oh my God, the whole world is going to fall apart. This is catastrophic!
But it’s not . . .
Now think about being a 6 year-old boy with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Think about being the Mom or Dad. Think about the loss they faced. Think of the hospital stays and doctor visits. Think about the fears they must have felt. Unfortunately, there is no room for intimidation here. There is only room for goals, a plan and a strategy to achieve this.

It is really easy to give in to simple fears, which is not even life threatening, but yet, we feel like we might die if something doesn’t work out. Think of our levels of importance and how we see things. Nothing is life threatening except death itself. All else can be managed. All else is pride and ego. We just need to see it this way

I often think of this family and their son. I mention them when I have my own personal quiet time during the morning’s sunrise. This is my moment to improve my personal contact with God as I understand him, which is not to call me religious or holy by any means. I see this more through spiritual lines, which has nothing to do with God, per se, or least of all, this has nothing to do with an organized religion. Instead, I choose this time to reflect on the people I love and those who inspire me. (You included) I mention the people I love during this time. I mention the people I love deeply and the people I see who struggle to find their life. I mention me and my family, my loved ones and my lost ones. I think of all these people and I am thankful to have them in my life. I am grateful because they teach me about the different laws of interaction.

I think about the way I’ve viewed my life and the inaccuracies of my memory.  I think of the things I face, which oh God, they seemed so insurmountable at the time, when in fact, life is only a series of interviews—and an interview is just a way to obtain the goal of a mutually beneficial relationship. Keep in mind, not all interviews are a match.

We spend too much time being intimidated. Please understand that confidence is different than arrogance.
Stick with the facts. Be you and allow the world to see your passion. There are times in life when we can show emotion. Those interviews are different. However, there are times when emotion has no place in the conversation. This is a time for the intellectual mind, which only thinks in plan or strategy.

Life is all about perspective . . .
Keep it simple.
Learn to separate between business and personal things.
Set goals.
Make your plan.
Create a strategy.

There will be time for emotion, but right now, we have an entire day to work through.

Good . . .

Then let’s go.

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