Bedtime Stories: The Best Time

It’s better like this. The best times are the unexpected ones. This is when he comes behind you and grabs you without warning. Startled at first, you feel his arms wrap around you. This is the best way because it brings with it an element of surprise. At this point, your heart is racing because of the quick scare. At the same time, your heart is racing because there he is, right behind you, and you know he is not willing to give in.

He caught you without leaving so much as a clue—standing by the mirror in your bathroom; you were thinking about nothing and everything all at once. Maybe you were contemplating what to wear the next day. Maybe you were thinking about how you look or wondering if you are desirable.  Maybe you were thinking about something you needed to do, or something completely and totally unrelated to the moment at hand. Meanwhile, there you were, standing in a shirt and pajama pants without any clue that he lurked behind you like a madman.

You smile as you lay your arms on his. Your hand lies over his hands and your head leans back, revealing the side of your neck. This causes him to bite you, which is what you wanted him to do because you love when he bites your neck.

Now his hands grip you. He moves them beneath your shirt to cup your chest. You can tell he’s watching himself in the mirror. You can see he’s watching the reflection of your eyes and the way you respond to his touch.

As one of his hands grip your chest, his other hand moves down below the waistline and sinks into your pajama pants. His hands are strong. So are his arms, so you know there is no point in resisting. Even if you wanted to resist—you know you could never stop him. You know this and it only makes you want him more.
You want him more because of the way he makes you feel. You want him because he has a way of making you forget all of your boundaries. With him, there are no boundaries. There is no taboo and there is no limit to the way you will do when he gets you this way. All you want is him.
You want him because he has a way of making you forget the rest of the world exists. As he touches you, this is all that matters. There is no war and peace. There are no current events. There is nothing else in the world but you and him, together, and standing there in front of the bathroom mirror.

Little did you know, he has a surprise waiting for you in the bedroom. This is where the candles flicker. This is where the sheets are turned down and the dim light sends of a sense of warmth.
He leads you in by the hand and then stops you before reaching the bed. Then he spins you towards him. You raise your arms as he lifts your shirt off.
It’s best this way. The candlelight glows against your skin. You move your pants down to the floor and then step out of them. He does the same, only now, you can see that he is stiff and at full attention.

You want to touch him—but he won’t let you. You want to find your lips against his chest, but he pushes you down onto the bed. You want to wrap your arms around him as he climbs on top of you—but he stops midway during his approach and plants a kiss directly between the center of your legs. Now you moan. Your body begins to quiver as his tongue darts from his mouth and splashes against your entryway.

There is a method to his madness—one which you cannot, nor would not deny. He has you now. He has you in every way, shape and form. He’s teasing you. He gets you close to the moment of truth and then he edges you away. He teases you like this because when you arrive—he wants you to arrive as if your body were to explode in a fit of passion. He wants you to feel as no other time can be better than this time. Above all, when you arrive, he wants inside of you. When you arrive, he wants it to be as at the same time as him. He wants this explosion to happen simultaneously, so that both of you erupt and both of you scream with all of your might

He has yet to enter, but you want him to you. You call for him, but he hushes you. You try again. You pull on him. You grab him and try to guide his body upon yours. At last, he gives way. At last, you feel him climb above you. You can feel as he lines his reach in front of your opening. He is swollen and thick. All you want is for him to move forward with all his might. You want him to move into you, inch by swollen inch, and feel his hips push into yours.

This is the best time. It is the unexpected time. This is the time when the day is behind you and the bedroom door is closed. Nothing in the world matters. No one else exists. Nothing else is more important than these fantastic minutes of raw, unlimited, and uncontrollable sex.
It is best when you lie down afterwards and feel him at your side or curled up like a spoon behind you. You smile a sort of carefree smile while the candles continue to flicker and the glisten in your body is proof of the love he deposited deep within you.

Before trailing off, he kisses your check from behind and says, “Sweet dreams.”
You think to yourself, “Sweet dreams is right,” and then you fall away into the land of sleep.

I say this again. The best times are the unexpected ones.
Wouldn’t you agree?


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