Quitting is not an option

Note to self:

There will be times when you want to quit
and the words you write
or the art you create
will feel like it fails you.

There will be days when everything seems worthless
and pouring your heart onto a page
feels like complete a waste of time

I admit there are days when I want to pack it in . . .
But I can’t

There were times I think about going through my files
and deleting them all . . .
But I don’t

There are nights when I feel hopeless and angry.
I feel frustrated,
as if there’s an entire world either against me,
or at any minute,
bad news will show its face,
and all that I have  will slip through my fingers
and crumble to dust

So I tighten my grip . . .

There are mornings when the alarm clock rings
but my thoughts are too heavy
for me to lift my head from the pillow.

I know there will always be doubt
and there will always be reasons
why my dreams are just beyond my reach.

There will always be critics
and there will always be someone
to point out my flaws

There are days when my battle is uphill
but the hill is too steep,
and it feels as if I may lose my footing.

There are times when I want to quit.
But I can’t
Because quitting is not an option.

So write on, Poet
There’s an entire world out there
waiting to find you


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