quick poem


I understand the cold war comes after heartbreak
however, the resurrection of love
shines brightest beneath the moonlight.

Night falls and if you say yes,
I could feel you,
or we could coincide like those who survive winter
and hold each other to create our own substance.
Or warmth)

Relationships are an ongoing trade.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Some people give,
some take,  

and some understand the cycle.

They do things like breathe out
so that someone else can breathe in,
which is genius,
if you’re not afraid to trust.

The truth is
. . . . I will always love you 

The way you smile can dictate the direction of my day.

If nothing else,
the way you smile will at least determine my next idea.

Say like, imagining you in a flowing skirt,
crossing your legs
and then dangling an open-toed shoe from the top of your foot.

I call this view mesmerizing . . .
Or like when you twirl strands of your hair around your finger
and you look off into nowhere
with a semi-glossed look in your eye
and you smile

I call that intriguing . . .

I may have written this to you before,
but I will write it again:

Man may very well hold the key to the universe
but women are the cylinder into which it turns
and my world would be nothing

without you~


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