A quick poem written for you

  I’d like to talk to you about the shell you hide yourself in.
 I mean,
what’s the sense in being beautiful
if you don’t know your own beauty?

I’d like to tell you what I see
only I don’t think you can hear me over your insecurity

And trust me when I say, ”
I can understand.”

Those imaginary whispers can be loud sometimes…
and like you,
I often struggle to hear myself think

 See, I’m no different
I’d like to find someplace away from the eyes
 I’d like to quietly lay back
and not feel concerned,
or wait for something to break the silence.

I want to feel easy…
 want to feel like a raindrop as it hangs from a leaf,
and when the rain stops,
I could gently fall to the ground
and remind the world that I still exist.

See, I was the same as you.
I used to hide.
In fact, I hid for decades.
I hid behind the cracks, and in the crowds
I hid in the backgrounds
wishing I was in the foregrounds,

but I never dared to step from the shadows of my own self-consciousness.

Sound familiar?

 I’d like to tell you about your worth,
except I don’t think you’ll believe me.
 I don’t think you’ll believe me because you don’t know you’re own value.

 But let me ask something,
 if you don’t know you’re own value,
then how can you get what you worth?

 How can you get something if you’re not sure what you deserve
like say,
love for example.
Like say, happiness
or the ability to stand on your own two feet

 ……and not feel alone

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