I do not blame you for the anger.
I blame me.
I blame the society I live in
I blame the silently growing machine—
the one that comes from both sides, creates controversy,
boils, and overflows into the streets

I blame the aftermath of our ignorance. I blame the uneducated
and the underprivileged.
I blame the right wing and the left because they lose sight of the middle

I blame the podiums and the power drunks addicted to
the sound of their own voice
I blame the fingers we point
I blame the lazy, the rich, and of course,
I blame the poor.

I walked down 7th Avenue in the middle of a long week…
I saw a man standing on a ladder near 35th St.
He was hanging The American Flag but it was hung upside down.
I charged in, “Excuse me, sir.”

The man of different descent looked down from the top step of his ladder.
He smiled at me…
“May I ask why you hung our flag upside down?”
After all, the flag is just as much his as it is mine.
He looked at the flag, laughed, and said, “It was an accident.”

He then began to lower the flag and correct his mistake
I watched as the flag nearly touched the ground.
I spoke out again, “Excuse me, sir.”
Smiling, the man looked down from the ladder.

“Please do not let this flag touch the ground.”
I did not raise my voice. I did not accuse
I did not attack, slander, or kick out the six foot ladder
Instead, I stood beneath him and caught the flag before it touched the sidewalk

I did this because faith without works is dead…
How could I claim what I claim, growl, and then do nothing but walk away?

I see you as a dream that I have not forgotten.
However, I fear we have lost our way.
We lost the ability to negotiate amongst ourselves

We lost sight of the overall goal and the terms of Life, Liberty,
and The Pursuit of Happiness have become misshaped
and changed

In Matthew 5:5 it says,
“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”
But what will my child inherit
………or anyone else’s for that matter?

Ignorance is a crime in the existence of knowledge
and while I might not have the power to change more than myself,
it does not mean I have to give in and accept the fate of a country in distress

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